London Sovereign ADE40419 on Route 142, Brent Cross.jpg
OperatorLondon Sovereign[1][2]
GarageEdgware (BT)[2]
StartWatford Junction station
West Hendon
EndBrent Cross bus station

London Buses route 142 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London and Hertfordshire, England. Running between Watford Junction station and Brent Cross bus station, it is operated by London Sovereign.


Arriva The Shires TransBus ALX400 bodied VDL DB250 in Brent Cross in August 2014

Route 142 was introduced by the London General Omnibus Company in March 1914.[3]

The allocation was transferred to London Country Bus Services' Watford garage, and became part of London Country North West in 1986. It was included in the sale of the business to Luton & District in October 1990 and retained the contract shortly afterwards, ordering 15 new Leyland Olympians to operate the route. The route was retained again in 1995, making it the first route to be retained by its existing operator through two consecutive retenders.[4]

When re-tendered, it was retained by Arriva The Shires with new contracts commencing on 5 January 2008[5] and 5 January 2013.[6]

Current route

Route 142 operates via these primary locations:[7]


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