A Superloop branded bus on route SL1
ParentTransport for London
Founded15 July 2023
LocaleGreater London
Service typeExpress bus service
Routes10 (9 existing, 1 planned)

Superloop is an express bus network in London, England, that forms part of the London Buses network and connects Outer London town centres, railway stations and transport hubs.

Orbital express bus routes were proposed in 2008 by Mayor of London Boris Johnson, with further proposals by the London Assembly in 2017. The 'Superloop' concept was announced in 2023 by Johnson's successor, Sadiq Khan, consisting of renumbering and improvements to existing express bus routes and the introduction of new express bus routes.

Ten Superloop routes operated by different companies form a long-distance orbital service around London, with some radial express services.[1] The first service became operational on 15 July 2023. Nine of the routes are operational as of March 2024. Bus stops served by Superloop routes have specific branding indicating this.[2]



A network of Green Line limited stop orbital routes was established by the London Transport Executive from 1953.[3] Limited stop route X26 (now Superloop route SL7) from West Croydon to Heathrow Airport is a remnant of that network.[4]

The 2008 mayoral election manifesto of Boris Johnson promised to trial orbital express bus routes in the outer suburbs.[5] This led to an increase in frequency for the already existing X26 express bus route later that year.[6] The policy had been abandoned by Johnson by March 2010, citing "plenty of good studies now which suggest to me that the big investment in orbital bus routes does not actually deliver the improvements that are sometimes claimed" and there was no further expansion of the orbital network.[7][8]

Sadiq Khan became Mayor of London in 2016. In August 2017 the London Assembly Transport Committee called for more orbital and express bus routes in Outer London.[9] The idea was included in the Mayor's Transport Strategy published in March 2018, with two new indicative express corridors in North London and one in South London:[10]

In 2018 Transport for London began a policy of reducing bus services in inner London, where there had been a drop in passenger numbers, with plans to increase services in the outer suburbs.[11] Limited-stop route X140 from Harrow to Heathrow Airport was introduced in December 2019.[12] The new route was considered a success and expansion of the express bus network was included as a policy in the Bus action plan published by Transport for London in March 2022.[13]

Superloop announcements

The Superloop branded proposal for a network of express orbital bus routes was announced on 28 March 2023 at a cost of £6 million.[14][15] Transport for London noted that the proposals form part of improvements to transport in outer London in light of the expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in August 2023.[16] The proposal was praised by the Campaign for Better Transport and Heathrow Airport Holdings,[16] however Nick Rogers AM of the Conservative Party called the proposal a "superflop" drawing attention to the "repacking of existing [bus] routes".[16] Caroline Pidgeon AM of the Liberal Democrats cautiously welcomed the proposals, following her previous campaigns for orbital bus services. Public consultations on the five entirely new routes that were announced took place between April and September 2023.[17]

On 28 April 2023 further details of the proposals were announced and a consultation opened for route X183.[18][19] On 9 June 2023 a consultation opened for route X34.[20][21] On 14 July 2023 it was announced that route SL8, a renumbering of existing route 607, would be the first to operate as part of the Superloop service from the following day.[22][23] The proposed route from Walthamstow to Royal Docks was revised to terminate at North Woolwich, and at the same time, the proposed route from Bexleyheath to Bromley was revised to terminate at Thamesmead.[24]

On 7 September 2023 it was announced that routes SL1 and SL10 would be introduced in autumn 2023. Two stops in South Chingford and two stops in Meridian Water were added to the route of SL1 following feedback to the public consultation.[25]

On 20 October 2023 it was announced that routes SL2 and SL3 would be introduced in spring 2024.[26] On 5 December 2023 it was announced that route SL5 would be introduced on 3 February 2024.[27] In March 2024, the loop was completed, with route SL4 to be introduced when the Silvertown Tunnel opens in March 2025.[28]

Future expansion

During the 2024 London mayoral election, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan proposed an additional 10 Superloop routes across London, as well as an express bus route via Old Kent Road prior to construction of the Bakerloo line extension taking place.[15]


Bus stop served by route SL7 outside Hatton Cross station

Superloop is part of the London Buses network, with the same fares as normal buses. It was introduced in stages, with an initial improvement to frequency of the X26 and rebranding of existing routes.[16][29]

Superloop routes have route numbers in the series SL1, SL2, SL3 up to SL10. The numbers are assigned clockwise around London from North Finchley. The numbers replace previous route identification and supplant the X series of route numbers that were used in the planning of routes X34 and X183 before they were renumbered to SL1 and SL10 respectively.[22]

As of March 2024, the services are as follows:[29][30]

Route Number Colour Type Route History Status Operator(s)
SL1 Orbital North Finchley to Walthamstow Central Public consultation 9 June–21 July 2023 as X34. Introduced on 9 December 2023 as SL1. Service operating. Arriva London
SL2 Orbital Walthamstow Central to North Woolwich Public consultation 21 July–4 September 2023.[31] Introduced on 2 March 2024.[32] Service operating.
SL3 Orbital Thamesmead to Bromley North Public consultation 21 July–4 September 2023.[33] Introduced on 24 February 2024. Service operating. Stagecoach London
SL4 Radial Canary Wharf to Grove Park Originally proposed as part of the Silvertown Tunnel proposals, originally X239.[34] To be introduced in March 2025, when the Silvertown Tunnel opens. Go-Ahead London
SL5 Orbital Bromley North to Croydon Public consultation 21 July–4 September 2023.[35] Introduced on 3 February 2024. Service operating. Arriva London
SL6 Radial Russell Square to West Croydon Operated as X68 since 27 October 1986 and renumbered SL6 on 31 July 2023.[36][37] Service operating, weekdays during peak hours only. Runs towards Russell Square in the morning peak, and runs towards West Croydon in the evening peak. Go-Ahead London
SL7 Orbital West Croydon to Heathrow Airport Central Operated as X26 since April 2005 and renumbered SL7 on 19 August 2023. Service operating.
SL8 Radial Uxbridge to White City Operated as 607 since 21 July 1990 and renumbered SL8 on 15 July 2023.[22][23] Service operating. Metroline
SL9 Orbital Heathrow Airport Central to Harrow Operated as X140 since 7 December 2019 and renumbered SL9 on 26 August 2023. Service operating. RATP Dev Transit London
SL10 Orbital Harrow to North Finchley Public consultation 28 April–12 June 2023 as X183.[38] Introduced on 25 November 2023 as SL10. Service operating.

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