OperatorStagecoach London
GarageLea Interchange
VehicleVolvo B5LH Wright Gemini 3
Peak vehicle requirement15
Began service24 May 2008
Former operator(s)Tower Transit
Docklands Buses
Arriva London
Night-timeNo night service
StartCubitt Town
ViaCanary Wharf
EndMoorfields Eye Hospital
Length8 miles (13 km)
FrequencyAbout every 10-15 minutes
Journey time37-80 minutes
Operates04:20 until 01:30

London Buses route 135 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London, England. Running between Cubitt Town and Moorfields Eye Hospital, it is operated by Stagecoach London.


Arriva London Alexander Dennis Enviro400 in Bishopsgate in June 2009
Docklands Buses Alexander Dennis Enviro400H MMC at Aldgate East station in June 2015

Route 135 commenced operating on 24 May 2008 between Cubitt Town and Moorfields Eye Hospital. It was initially operated at a frequency of every 15 minutes off-peak and every 10 minutes during peak hours, with a maximum requirement of 13 double-deck buses.[1] The initial contract to operate the route was awarded to Arriva London's Barking garage.[2] The route was featured in Time Out magazine in 2009.[3]

Upon being re-tendered, the route was awarded to Docklands Buses with the transfer occurring on 23 May 2015 and Alexander Dennis Enviro400H MMC bodied Volvo B5LHs introduced.[4][5]

On 17 September 2016, it was rerouted through the Isle of Dogs to partly replace route D3.[6]

Upon being retendered, operation the route was taken over by Tower Transit's Lea Interchange bus garage on 21 May 2022 using Wright Gemini 3 bodied Volvo B5LHs formerly used on route 328.[7] The route was included in the sale of Lea Interchange bus garage to Stagecoach London on 25 June 2022.[8][9]

Current route

Route 135 operates via these primary locations:[10]

Previous route 135

The route number 135 has previously been used twice; for a service between Forty Hill and Brimsdown, until September 1982, and from November 1987 for a service between Marble Arch and Archway via Camden Town. The second service was operated by Metroline after privatisation, and was withdrawn in December 2000, being replaced by extending route 88 to cover part of its route and increasing the frequency of route 134, which already ran over much of the 135 route.[11]


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