Quality Line Optare Versa in Epsom in August 2013
OperatorQuality Line
GarageEpsom (EB)
VehicleAlexander Dennis Enviro400
Peak vehicle requirement1
StartEpsom/Epsom Hospital
EndHook/Hinchley Wood School
Length6 miles (10 km)
LevelDaily (Except Sunday)
FrequencyAbout every 60 minutes
Journey time23-29 minutes
Operates6:30am until 7:23pm
"Performance" (PDF). tfl.gov.uk.

London Buses route 467 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London, United Kingdom. The service is currently contracted to Quality Line.


The route has roots from the London Country route 468 which was introduced in May 1946 in time for the first post-war Epsom Derby, which went from what was then Chessington Zoo to Effingham via Epsom Hospital. It was renumbered 467 in 1999 after London suffix lettered bus routes were renumbered; 68A became London Buses route 468, so the 468 became the 467, which had previously been used as a London Transport country route between Horton Kirby and Sidcup.[1]

In early 2005, it was suggested that the route be merged with the K4, providing a service between Epsom Hospital and Kingston Hospital. This did not go ahead as a result of a lack of funding from Surrey Council, a lack of buses small enough to operate the route (the K4 uses small low-floor buses whereas the 467 uses double-deckers), an inability to cope with the school appendages on certain 467 journeys, and difficulty finding a suitable route through Hook, Mansfield Park and Winey Park.[1]

In 2006, the route was considered for withdrawal by Transport for London but was saved after it attracted additional funding from Surrey County Council.[2]

Certain journeys on the route carry on to Epsom Hospital for Rosebery School. In addition, since 2009 the 467 has covered the journeys of the discontinued 833 Surrey service from Hook to Hinchley Wood School[3] (which like the 467 was contentiously considered for withdrawal in 2006 but unlike the 467 was actually withdrawn that year[4]), making it the only route to contain school-hour extensions at both ends of the route.[1]

It is also the only link between Chessington and Epsom that does not necessitate a change at Tolworth or Surbiton, which would result in an additional journey time and expense, as a second bus must be boarded in order to continue the journey. This can be attributed to the fact that in April 1965 the Borough of Epsom and Ewell opted not to become part of Greater London.[5] Although a link from Chessington to Epsom only runs once an hour, it has been suggested that the London Buses route 71 be extended from Chessington to Epsom via the B280 road, providing a more direct and frequent service between the two.[6]

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