Makarony po-flotski
Makarony po-flotski made with macaroni
Place of originRussia
Serving temperatureHot
Main ingredientsGround meat, onions, pasta

Makarony po-flotski (Russian: макароны по-флотски; lit.'navy-style pasta') is a Russian dish made of cooked pasta (typically macaroni, penne or fusilli) mixed with stuffing made of stewed ground meat (usually beef or pork) and fried onions, and seasoned with salt and black pepper.[1][2] Originally served in maritime forces, the dish became popular in Russia due to its simplicity, low cost and short time of preparation. Makarony po-flotski became especially popular after World War II during times of poverty in the Soviet Union.[2]


The pasta is cooked in salted boiling water. The onions are well chopped, while meat is minced. After pouring some oil on the pan, the chopped onions are fried and, after they get a golden color, the meat is added to them to get fried. The stuffing is seasoned with salt and pepper. When the meat is fried and the pasta is cooked, they are mixed together. The dish is usually served without any additions, but can be eaten with pickles.

The ground meat can be replaced by canned meat (tushonka). Average "canned beef" tushonka has lots of spices and is juicy enough to substitute the onions, while it also has a decent amount of meat.[citation needed]

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