Mexican hip hop is a form of hip hop music from Mexico, performed by Mexican artists and artists of Mexican descent. The growth of hip hop as a genre has led to various adaptations of it depending on a region and language.[1] It is important to note that Mexican hip hop is different from Chicano rap, Chicano rap is, a subgenre of hip hop and tied more to Chicano and Mexican American experiences.


Image of Mexican Hip hop group Cartel De Santa.

Hip hop originated from the Bronx, New York [2] and as it become a sensation it grew to other parts of the world. The hip-hop movement reached Mexico around the 1990s with the emergence of the group Control Machete[3] and it has evolved to spanning more artists like Cartel de Santa, Gera MX, El Pinche Mara, Natanael Cano, and many more.

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