Miracle at Michigan
1234 Total
Colorado 77013 27
Michigan 09170 26
DateSeptember 24, 1994
StadiumMichigan Stadium
LocationAnn Arbor, Michigan
United States TV coverage
AnnouncersKeith Jackson, Bob Griese

The Miracle at Michigan refers to the final play that occurred during the American football game played on September 24, 1994, between the Colorado Buffaloes and Michigan Wolverines at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The game was decided on Colorado quarterback Kordell Stewart's 64-yard Hail Mary pass to Michael Westbrook, the second touchdown by the Buffaloes in the last 2:16.[1] The game was described as one of the two wildest finishes in Michigan football history.[2]

Colorado trailed Michigan 26–21 with six seconds left when Stewart heaved the ball more than 70 yards in the air into the end zone where Westbrook caught it on a planned deflection from Blake Anderson for the game-winning touchdown.[1] The play, which was named "Rocket Left", was called by Bill McCartney, Colorado coach and former Michigan assistant coach. Westbrook, Anderson and Rae Carruth lined up wide left and James Kidd lined up wide right.[1] The same play was called to end the first half, resulting in a Chuck Winters interception.[2]


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