Country of originItaly
Source of milkCow's milk
TextureSemi-hard, creamy
Fat content32%
Aging timeMinimum of two months
CertificationPDO, 1986
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Montasio is a mountain cheese made from cow's milk produced in northeastern Italy[1] in the regions of Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Veneto.

It was awarded a protected designation of origin (PDO) in 1986.


It takes its name from the famous Montasio plateau, where cheese has been produced since 1200; the first production techniques were refined at the abbey of San Gallo di Moggio Udinese, while the first evidence of the name dates back to the decree of 22 August 1773, when the Council of the city of Udine imposed on traders the sale at a fixed price of some products, including this cheese, which, we learn from that document, the price of 19 soldi a pound was imposed.[2][3]

Already in 1880, a cooperative movement of dairies was formed to support the production of this cheese.[4] A decree of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests of 16 March 1987, assigned the Montasio Producers Association the tasks of supervision, control and marketing of Montasio production.[5]



It is typically aged for a minimum of two months, and some preparations are aged for a year or more.[6] The rind is typically stamped with the date of its production.[6]

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