Myang Zhuang
Native toChina
RegionDebao County, Guangxi
Language codes
ISO 639-3None (mis)

Myang Zhuang is a Central Tai language spoken in Ronghua Township 荣华乡, Debao County, Guangxi, China. Myang Zhuang speakers call themselves mjaːŋ (A2 tone) and tʰoː (C1-A tone), and refer to Yang Zhuang varieties as nʊŋA2 instead of jaːŋA1-G (Liao 2016:311).[1]

Myang Zhuang is spoken only in Ronghua Township, in villages including Nalong (那陇屯 naːA2 lʊŋB2 in Myang and Yang Zhuang) in Nalong Village (那陇村) and Maomei Village (tʰuːA1-A ˀdɔːŋA1-G in Yang Zhuang) (Liao 2016:311-312).[1]


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