Pyang Zhuang
Fuping Zhuang
Native toChina
RegionDebao County and parts of Jingxi County, Guangxi
Language codes
ISO 639-3None (mis)

Pyang Zhuang, or Fuping Zhuang (Chinese: 扶平语), is an underdescribed Central Tai language spoken in southwestern Guangxi, China. It appears to be most closely related to Nong Zhuang.[1]

The Pyang refer to themselves as pjaːŋB2 or tʰoːC1-A,[2] but are referred to as ˀjujC1 by the surrounding Yang Zhuang people (Liao 2016:315).


Pyang Zhuang is spoken in the following locations of Guangxi, China (Liao 2016:315-316).


Pyang Zhuang may be closely related to the Nong Zhuang language of Yunnan. Innovations shared between Pyang Zhuang and Nong Zhuang include the following (Liao 2016:316).


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