Nordic Athletics Championships
SportTrack and field
Ceased1965, resumed in 2023
CountryFinland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland

The Nordic Athletics Championships is an international athletics competition between Nordic countriesFinland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. In its original form, it was held on three occasions, in 1961, 1963 and 1965.[1]

In the 2000s, there were several Nordic Championships held for under-20 and under-23 athletes. In 2023, the senior competition was revitalized and held again in Copenhagen.[2]


The competition programme featured a total of 34 individual Nordic Championship athletics events, 22 for men and 12 for women.[1] The limited number of events for women reflected that of the Olympic programme of the time.[3] In 2023, it returned with an equal number of events for both sexes, save for the women's steeplechase.[2]

Obstacle events
Jumping events
Throwing events
Combined events


Year Date Venue Country Winning men's nation Winning women's nation
1961 31 July-2 August[4] Oslo Norway  Finland  Sweden
1963 21-22 September[5] Gothenburg Sweden  Finland  Sweden
1965 15-16 August[6] Helsinki Finland  Finland  Finland
2023 27-28 May Copenhagen Denmark  Sweden  Finland
2024 18-19 May[7] Malmö Sweden


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