Ome Railway Park
Ome Railway Park
Location within Japan
LocationŌme, Tokyo Japan
TypeRailway museum
Public transit accessŌme Station

The Ome Railway Park (青梅鉄道公園, Ōme Tetsudō Kōen) is a railway museum in Ōme, Tokyo, Japan. It opened in 1962, and is operated by the East Japan Railway Culture Foundation, a foundation established by East Japan Railway Company.


Eight steam locomotives, one electric locomotive and one 0 Series Shinkansen EMU car are on display.[1]

Category Number Class Builder Year built
Steam 110 JGR Class 110 Yorkshire Engine Company, UK 1871
2221 JGR Class 2120 North British Locomotive Company, UK 1905
5540 JGR Class 5500 Beyer, Peacock and Company, UK 1897
8620 JGR Class 8620 Kisha Seizo, Japan 1914
9608 JNR Class 9600 Kawasaki, Japan 1913
C11 1 JNR Class C11 Kisha Seizo, Japan 1932
D51 452 JNR Class D51 Kisha Seizo, Japan 1939
E10 2 JNR Class E10 Kisha Seizo, Japan 1948
Electric ED16 1 JNR Class ED16 [ja] Mitsubishi, Japan 1936
Shinkansen 22-75 0 series Kisha Seizo, Japan 1969


The museum is located 15 minutes walk from Ome Station on the Ome Line.


2-155 Katsunuma, Ōme, Tokyo


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Coordinates: 35°47′32″N 139°15′48″E / 35.7923°N 139.2633°E / 35.7923; 139.2633