Osaka Pro Wrestling
Lucha libre
Professional wrestling
HeadquartersOsaka, Japan
Founder(s)Super Delfin
Split fromMichinoku Pro Wrestling

Osaka Pro Wrestling is a Japanese professional wrestling promotion, founded in 1998 by Super Delfin. The promotion held a major flagship event called the Osaka Hurricane each year from 2003 to 2012 and also hosted the fourth edition of the Super J-Cup in 2004, which was the second edition of Osaka Hurricane. In 2010 Osaka Pro started a close working relationship with American promotion Chikara.

On March 1, 2014, Osaka Pro announced that it would fold on April 20, 2014, due to financial difficulties, after which all of its wrestlers would become freelancers.[1] Osaka Pro later announced that the promotion would continue under new president Yuji Sakagami and wrestlers Kuishinbo Kamen and Takoyakida. The new Osaka Pro Wrestling lost many of the old one's key wrestlers as well as their home base of Nasci Hall Umeda, forcing them to employ a new tour format.[2]

In October 2021, it was announced that Zeus had been appointed as the owner and president of OPW. He became president on July 30, and on August 26, he received a share transfer from former owner Yuji Sakagami. However, he remained under contract with All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW) for the rest of the year.[3]


Ring name[4] Real name Notes
Aran Sano Undisclosed
Arashi Undisclosed
Billyken Kid Undisclosed
Black Buffalo Keisuke Yamada Sales manager
The Bodyguard Noboru Kurakawa
Ebessan III Osamu Suganuma
Goliath Undisclosed Osaka Tag Team Champion
Joichiro Osaka Undisclosed Osaka Meibutsu Sekaiichi Champion
Kazuaki Mihara Kazuaki Mihara Signed to MoveOn Pro-Wrestling
Kuishinbo Kamen Akinori Tsukioka
Quiet Storm Undisclosed Osaka Pro Wrestling Champion
Ryuya Matsufusa Ryuya Matsufusa Osaka Light Heavyweight Champion
Signed to Dotonbori Pro-Wrestling
Shu Asakawa Taisuke Asakawa Freelancer
Takoyakida Undisclosed
Tigers Mask Atsushi Maruyama
Toru Toru Matsunaga Osaka Tag Team Champion
Signed to Total Triumph Team Pro-Wrestling
Tsubasa Undisclosed
Ultimate Spider Jr. Undisclosed
Yuto Kikuchi Yuto Kikuchi Signed to Dotonbori Pro-Wrestling
Zeus Kensho Obayashi Owner and president of OPW

Notable alumni




Championship Current champion(s) Reign Date won Days
Location Notes Ref.
Osaka Pro Wrestling Championship Quiet Storm 2 August 20, 2023 271+ Osaka, Japan Defeated Tigers Mask at Osaka Pro Summer Festival 2023 to win the vacant title. [5]
Osaka Light Heavyweight Championship Ryuya Matsufusa 1 December 10, 2023 159+ Osaka, Japan Defeated Tigers Mask at Excalibur. [6]
Osaka Meibutsu Sekaiichi Championship Joichiro Osaka 1 December 10, 2023 159+ Osaka, Japan Defeated previous champion Kuishinbo Kamen, Ebessan III, Kikutaro and Kyusei Ninja Ranmaru in a five-way match at Excalibur. [7][8]
Osaka Tag Team Championship
Rogue Nation
(Goliath and Toru)
1 December 10, 2023 159+ Osaka, Japan Defeated Takoyakida and Ultimate Spider Jr. at Excalibur. [9]


Championship Last champion(s) Reign Date won Location Notes Ref.
Osaka Owarai Championship Joichiro Osaka January 8, 2023 Osaka, Japan Won a battle royal to win the championship. The title change was voided when Billyken Kid confessed he had lost the physical title belt prior to the match. It was then replaced with the revived Osaka Meibutsu Sekaiichi Championship.
Super Welterweight Championship Super Delfin 5 November 28, 1999 Osaka, Japan Defeated Black Buffalo then immediately abandoned the title to create the Osaka Pro Wrestling Championship. [10]
MWF World Junior Heavyweight Championship Goya Mask 2 October 3, 2008 Naha, Japan Won a 10-man battle royale by last eliminating Kaijin Habu-otoko to win the vacant title. Title deactivated in 2012 when Okinawa Pro-Wrestling, where the title had moved to in May 2008, closed. [11]
Tenpohzan Grand Prix Championship Miracle Man 2 November 22, 2011 Osaka, Japan Defeated Takoyakida at Osaka Happy Weekday. Title moved to FFF Pro-Wrestling. [12][13]
Osaka Pro Wrestling Battle Royal Championship Tigers Mask 1 April 20, 2014 Osaka, Japan Won a 18-man battle royale by last eliminating Billyken Kid to win the title. Title deactivated two days later when Tigers Mask left the promotion. [14]

Annual tournaments

Tournament Last winner(s) Date won
Tenno-zan Zeus October 29, 2023
Osaka Pro Light Heavyweight Tournament Ultimate Spider Jr. June 25, 2023
Osaka Tag Festival Kazuaki Mihara and Toru February 23, 2023

Major events

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