Pro Wrestling Freedoms
HeadquartersChigasaki, Kanagawa, Japan
Founder(s)Takashi Sasaki
PredecessorApache Pro-Wrestling Army
WebsiteOfficial website

Pro Wrestling Freedoms (プロレスリングFREEDOMS, Puroresuringu Furīdamuzu), also known simply as Freedoms (stylized in capital letters as FREEDOMS), is a Japanese professional wrestling promotion based in Chigasaki, Kanagawa. Founded by Takashi Sasaki in 2009, the promotion's name is derived from its founding philosophy of letting wrestlers choose their own fighting style, or affording them the "freedom" of choice.[1]


Following the closure of Apache Pro-Wrestling Army (Apache Pro) on August 8, 2009, Apache Pro's promoter Takashi Sasaki announced the creation of Pro Wrestling Freedoms (Freedoms) with Gentaro, Jun Kasai, Kumai, Mammoth Sasaki and The Winger.

Over the years, Freedoms has become one of Japan's premier deathmatch companies, alongside Big Japan Pro Wrestling. They formed an alliance with the American promotion Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) that has seen both companies trade stars and co-promote events together. In 2018, GCW initiated The Collective, a series of showcases from partnering independent promotions held during WrestleMania weekend. Freedoms was scheduled to hold their first-ever event in the United States in April 2020 as part of The Collective 2020.[2] However, the event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In December 2020, Freedoms began a partnership with Active Advance Pro Wrestling (2AW), promoting a series of crossover shows beginning with Freedoms/2AW Versus on December 13.[3]

The promotion airs on the Independent Wrestling TV (IWTV) streaming service;[4] IWTV additionally carries events from Sendai Girls' Pro Wrestling, Defy Wrestling, Combat Zone Wrestling, Absolute Intense Wrestling, amongst other promotions.[5][6] The promotion holds most of their events in various venues such as Korakuen Hall[7] and Shin-Kiba 1st Ring.[8] Some of Freedoms' current top stars include deathmatch wrestlers Jun Kasai, Masashi Takeda, Toru Sugiura, and Daisuke Masaoka.


Active roster

This is a list of professional wrestlers who currently wrestle for the company.[9]

Ring name Real name Notes
Daisuke Masaoka[10] Unknown
Dragon Libre[11] Unknown
Gentaro[12] Gentaro Takahashi
Jun Kasai[13] Jun Kasai
Kamui[14] Kamui Sawaragi
Kenji Fukimoto[15] Unknown
Kyu Mogami Unknown Signed to Active Advance Pro Wrestling
King of Freedom World Tag Team Champion
Mammoth Sasaki[16] Yoshinori Sasaki
Takahiro Katori Takahiro Katori King of Freedom World Junior Heavyweight Champion
Takashi Sasaki[17] Takashi Sasaki
Takayuki Ueki Takayuki Ueki Freelancer
Tatsuhito Takaiwa Tatsuhito Takaiwa
Tomoya Hirata[18] Unknown King of Freedom World Champion
Toshiyuki Sakuda Toshiyuki Sakuda Freelancer
King of Freedom World Tag Team Champion
Toru Sugiura[19] Unknown
Violento Jack Jack A. Romero
Yuya Susumu[20] Unknown Freelancer

Alumni/notable guests


As of March 24, 2024

Championship Current champion(s) Reign Date won Days held Location Notes
King of Freedom World Championship
Masashi Takeda 3 December 25, 2023 90+ Tokyo, Japan Defeated Toru Sugiura at Blood X'Mas 2023.
Barefoot King Championship Vacant February 8, 2024 Tokyo, Japan Masashi Takeda vacated the title immediately after winning it at Go Beyond the Limit 2024.
King of Freedom World Junior Heavyweight Championship
Takahiro Katori 1 March 22, 2024 2+ Tokyo, Japan Defeated Jun Masaoka at Freedoms The Gekokujo 2024.
King of Freedom World Tag Team Championship
Kyu mogami 20180617.jpeg
Toshiyuki Sakuda 2016.jpg
(Kyu Mogami and Toshiyuki Sakuda)
(1, 2)
November 2, 2023 143+ Tokyo, Japan Defeated Daisuke Masaoka and Toru Sugiura at Freedoms Be A Hero 2023.

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