Pu Tuo Si Temple
Malay: Kuil Pu Tuo Si
Chinese: 亞庇佛教居士林普陀寺
Pu Tuo Si Temple
DistrictKota Kinabalu District
LocationKota Kinabalu
Geographic coordinates5°59′34″N 116°7′0″E / 5.99278°N 116.11667°E / 5.99278; 116.11667
TypeChinese temple
Date establishedunknown

Pu Tuo Si Temple (also called as Puh Toh Tze Temple or Poh Toh Tse)[1] is a Buddhist temple located off Tuaran Road in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. The temple was built in 1980 with a statue of Guanyin located in the entrance. It is the main Chinese temple for the city. In 2013, the temple received a total of RM115,000 from the federal government to finance its on-going renovation.[2]


The temple main hall is called Daxiong Baodian (大雄宝殿). At the main altar, there is a big statue of Buddha, with a statue of Guanyin in the left and Da Shi Zhi in the right.[3]


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