KotaKinabalu Sabah Aeropod Projekt-03.jpg
The project area in 2013.
General information
StatusUnder construction
Town or cityTanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu
Coordinates5°56′50″N 116°3′32″E / 5.94722°N 116.05889°E / 5.94722; 116.05889Coordinates: 5°56′50″N 116°3′32″E / 5.94722°N 116.05889°E / 5.94722; 116.05889
CostMYR3 billion
OwnerS P Setia

The Aeropod is a mixed development projects comprising hotel, a retail mall, retail offices, residential suites, corporate offices and green parks in Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.[1] The projects are being done in five stages.[2][3] The projects also include a provision for light rail transit (LRT) in the Kota Kinabalu metropolitan, to improve the already available rail station in Tanjung Aru.[4]


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