Quezon City Experience
EstablishedNovember 9, 2015
LocationQuezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City
Coordinates14°39′05″N 121°03′04″E / 14.6514516°N 121.0511559°E / 14.6514516; 121.0511559
TypeInteractive museum
OwnerQuezon City Government
Building details
General information
GroundbreakingJanuary 2, 2012
InauguratedNovember 9, 2015
Technical details
Floor area6,229.21 m2 (67,050.7 sq ft)
Design and construction
Main contractorHilmarc’s Construction Corporation

The Quezon City Museum Complex,[2] more commonly known as the QCX Museum or the Quezon City Experience Museum is an interactive and socio-cultural green building-compliant city museum which was inaugurated on November 9, 2015, within the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines. QCX primarily displays the history and culture of Quezon City. It is touted as the first interactive museum of the city.[3][4] The museum's concept was conceived in 2006.[5]


Commemorative fountain dedicated to Doña Narcisa Buencamino-De Leon located outside the Quezon City Experience Museum, Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City

The museum allows its visitors to have interactions with the display, take selfies on each of the museum's galleries and shoot and watch themselves on videotape. The museum complex composes of five pods, and had plans to add coffee shop and a small cafeteria and memorabilia store at the lobby. The museum hosts a small theater which has a seating capacity of 80-90 people and a 60-seat lecture room, both which is available for rent.[3][6]

The following five buildings form part of the museum complex:[2]


The museum was indefinitely closed during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and its building was converted into a COVID testing center.[7] In March 2023, the museum building was converted by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and converted into a field site for cash aid applications.[8]


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