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In BDSM, service-oriented submission (or sometimes servitude) is the performance of personal tasks for a dominant partner, as part of a submissive role in a BDSM relationship.[1] The submissive is sometimes said to be in service to the dominant. Service-oriented submission is part of a spectrum of submissive behaviors, and not all submissives are service-oriented.[2]

In domestic service roles, the submissive can receive pleasure and satisfaction from performing services for their dominant, such as serving as a butler, waitress, chauffeur, maid or housekeeper.[1] Many derive satisfaction from being focused on the needs of another, rather than themselves.[3]

Service-oriented submission can be performed in ways that are either servile, or dignified.[citation needed] Bootblacking is a service-oriented task performed within the leather subculture.[4][5]

Bootblacking may sometimes involve boot-licking as part of the activity.[6]

The satisfaction of service submission is often combined with the pleasures of fetishes, the pleasures of humiliation, or both. A submissive may rub his or her dominant's feet because the sub enjoys providing the service, has a foot fetish, enjoys being "lower" than the dominant, or any combination.[citation needed]

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