Coursemain course
Place of originSri Lanka[1]
Region or stateSri Lanka[1]
Serving temperaturehot (temperature)
Main ingredientsRice flour, Mutton
VariationsBeef, Chicken

Thakkadi (தக்கடி) is a Sri Lankan food. The dish consists of rice balls or dumplings covered in a sauce and cooked in a mutton salna,[2] (a spicy gravy). Thakkadi originated from the Moor community in Sri Lanka.[2][3]


Thakkadi is made from steamed rice flour balls cooked in a mutton salna.[2] The balls are made of rice flour, finely sliced shallots, chopped curry leaves and shredded coconut. They are then cooked in a spicy meat (either mutton or beef or even chicken) stew or dipped in spiced curry.[2]


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