Alternative namesSweet stuffed string hoppers
TypeBreakfast, Afternoon tea
Region or stateSri Lanka
Associated cuisineSri Lankan cuisine
Main ingredientsRice flour, grated coconut, jaggery
Ingredients generally usedMoong dal, Cardamom powder

Lavariya (Sinhala: ලැවරියා) is a popular traditional Sri Lankan sweet dumpling.[1] It is essentially caramelised coconut wrapped in a string hopper (Idiyappam).[2] It is usually served at breakfast or in the afternoon with tea and bananas.[3]


The dish is prepared by mixing rice flour with hot water, oil and seasoned with salt. It is then kneaded into a smooth dough. The dough mixture is used to fill an 'idiyappam' press or a sieve and the thin vermicelli-style noodles are pressed out onto banana leaves. The filling (Pol Pani) is a mix of grated coconut with moong dal and jaggery syrup, which is then placed inside the rice flour noodles in the shape of a half moon, then wrapped in banana leaves and steamed before serving.[4][5]

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