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The Condor
DVD cover
Directed bySteven E. Gordon
Written byMarv Wolfman
Story byStan Lee
Produced byStan Lee
Rocky Solotoff
StarringWilmer Valderrama
María Conchita Alonso
Kathleen Barr
Michael Dobson
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Cusse Mankuma
CinematographyLarry Brown
Edited byShawn Logue
Distributed byAnchor Bay Entertainment
Release date
  • March 20, 2007 (2007-03-20)
Running time
74 minutes
CountryUnited States

The Condor is a 2007 American animated superhero film based on a character created by Stan Lee. It features the voices of Wilmer Valderrama, María Conchita Alonso, Kathleen Barr, Michael Dobson, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, and Cusse Mankuma. Originally titled El Lobo, it was released under the Stan Lee Presents banner, which is a series of direct-to-DVD animated films distributed by POW Entertainment with Anchor Bay Entertainment. The story was by Stan Lee, with the script written by former The New Teen Titans writer Marv Wolfman. The film is set in the same world as Mosaic, a prior Stan Lee Presents film, with the film's events apparently occurring before the events of Mosaic. The Condor was released on DVD on March 20, 2007, and had its television premiere on Cartoon Network on March 24, 2007.[1] Since then, the film has been poorly received.


In San Diego, California, a mysterious criminal called Taipan uses a mind controlling, performance enhancement device to manipulate an old man into robbing a store, only for it to cause the latter to die from a heart attack. The next morning, college dropout and professional skater Tony Valdez saves his cousin Reuben from a gang before entering a skating competition with help from Sammi, an old friend of the family's. After winning the first round, Tony encounters a woman named Valeria, and they flirt with each other. While meeting with his parents, his mother gives him a condor amulet. Later that night, Tony is led to believe his parents are criminals when he overhears them discussing an error in their research with their business partner, Nigel Harrington. His parents attempt to explain themselves the next day, but Tony storms off. During the competition's second round, a mysterious man sabotages his board, causing him to lose. Tony's parents try to go to the police, only to be suddenly ambushed by mind-controlled skaters who cause them to crash. Tony hears of the accident and finds his parents dead before being ambushed and paralyzed by the same skaters.

While in recovery, Tony is sent to therapy under former surfer Dogg. Meanwhile, Sammi starts going out with Tony's rival Z-Man and gives Tony enhanced boots. Using them, Tony becomes the Condor to fight crime and figure out what his parents were involved in. While on a date with Valeria, he learns his parents were unearthed and falls into a trap set up by Taipan. During the fight, Tony discovers Nigel hired Taipan to kill his parents for trying to report the error. Severely wounded, Tony manages to escape and goes to Sammi for help, apologizing for his behavior and realizing his feelings for her. However, Reuben interrupts, revealing he sabotaged Tony's board because he was ungrateful. Tony gets a call from Valeria, so he leaves to check on her while Sammi discovers the error in question. Upon reaching Valeria's house, Tony learns she is Taipan and gets into a fight with her. Valeria leaves him for dead and attempts to use a selfish Reuben to kill Sammi.

Surviving the attack, Tony receives help from Z-Man and befriends him as they save Sammi and Dogg from a fire Reuben and Valeria started. Elsewhere, Nigel holds an auction, only to be betrayed and murdered by Valeria, who takes control. However, Tony arrives and foils her plans. Amidst their ensuing fight, the building is set ablaze, trapping Valeria. Tony tries to save her, but she attempts to kill him, falling into the fire.

Sometime later, Tony has entered a relationship with Sammi and entered a new competition with Z-Man. Unbeknownst to them, a mysterious clan retrieves Valeria's body and her mind control device so they can use it for their own plans.[2]



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