The Reppies
GenreChildren's television series
Created byPatrick McGonigle
Stephen McGonigle
Opening theme"We Are the Reppies"
Ending themevarious closing themes
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes27
ProducerJames "Smokey" Knudson
Running time28 minutes
Production companiesNorthstar Entertainment
Treat Entertainment
Original release
NetworkPBS Member Stations
ReleaseSeptember 28, 1996 (1996-09-28) –
March 22, 1998 (1998-03-22)

The Reppies is a live-action American educational musical show for children, created by Northstar Entertainment along with Treat Entertainment, for PBS.


The series centers around a group of anthropomorphic reptile creatures (in oversized costumes) that sing in a music group and interact with a Mary Poppins-like English tutor, who also sings and dances. In some of the episodes she seemingly displays magical powers.


The cast includes American actress Trudie Petersen as Miss Summerhayes the English tutor, Rick Stanley as Mickey the band's manager, and 13-year-old actress Tailia Osteen who plays Katie in four episodes.[1]


The series was produced by WEDU Television in Tampa, Florida. Each episode featured three original songs produced by Rick Tell. Twenty six half hour episodes and one hour long holiday special were originally created in 1996, and aired on a few public television stations. All of the episodes were later re-dubbed with Christian-oriented messages and moved to Trinity Broadcasting Network and the Christian Television Network.

Originally created by Wendy Harrison from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, along with the father son team of Pat and Steve McGonigle of Northstar Entertainment. James "Smokey" Knudson was the series producer and Brian McBride as executive in charge of production for the entire series run. Bruce Foulke was the Music Supervisor for the series. It currently airs on Smile network.


Season 1 (1996–97)

No.TitleOriginal air date
1"Babes in the Woods"September 28, 1996 (1996-09-28)
Bumba's desire to prove herself comes to effect when The Reppies, Miss Summerhayes, and Mickey get lost during a hike in the woods. Meanwhile, Mr. King takes Heather and Buster fishing when a mysterious call deters their attempts.
2"Parlez-vous Reppie?"October 5, 1996 (1996-10-05)
When The Reppies' French cousins---The Freppies---arrive for a visit, things don't go as planned. Jealousy and misunderstanding ignite as the two groups try to find common ground while The Reppies learn French along the way.
3"Buster's Breakthrough"October 12, 1996 (1996-10-12)
As The Reppies prepare the theater for the school talent show, they discover one of their friends, Buster, has stage fright and is afraid to participate. So the gang tries the best to their ability to prove how special he truly is.
4"Teacher's Pet"October 19, 1996 (1996-10-19)
While organizing a spelling bee, Razz develops a crush on Miss Summerhayes that's up for debate. Meanwhile, The Reppies prepare to perform a play prepared by Tessa.
5"Things That Go Bumba in the Night"October 26, 1996 (1996-10-26)
When The Reppies, along with Heather, Katie and Buster, decide to have a sleepover in the old theater, a mysterious spirit causes shenanigans and fun as the gang band together to solve the mystery.
6"A Merry Reppies Holiday Special"December 28, 1996 (1996-12-28)
As The Reppies prepare for a holiday concert, their friends explain the traditions associated with Christmas, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah during the happiest time of the year.
7"Boot Up"January 5, 1997 (1997-01-05)
After The Reppies decide to buy their manager, Mickey, a computer, Mickey is uncertain about using one and even Bumba shows concern. Now it's up to the band and Heather to show how easy and fun a computer can be.
8"Bringing Home Baby"January 12, 1997 (1997-01-12)
The Reppies help Heather adjust to the idea of sharing her parents with the new baby in the family.
9"Bumba's Bird"January 19, 1997 (1997-01-19)
When an exotic bird, rousted from its home, decides to stay in the theater Bumba tries to make her a pet with disastrous results. Meanwhile, the theater's water is turned off as Uncle Mickey attempts to adapt.
10"Come and Get It"January 26, 1997 (1997-01-26)
While planning an aerobics routing for "Healthy Constitution Day", Derango's habits of staying up late and eating sweets cause him trouble. Now it's up to the band and an Olympic athlete to teach proper exercise and dieting.
11"Dream a Little Dream"February 2, 1997 (1997-02-02)
While Derango longs for a chance in the spotlight, Mickey teaches the group a lesson in rhythm while Miss Summerhayes teaches how hard work makes dreams come true.
12"Gimme, Gimme"February 9, 1997 (1997-02-09)
A spoiled boy who wins a day with The Reppies desires to get Razz's guitar by any means. To show him the error of his ways, The Reppies help him discover the value of sharing.
13"Good Vibrations"February 16, 1997 (1997-02-16)
After The Reppies receive a letter from Rosie, a hearing-impaired fan, Miss Summerhayes teaches the band sign language.
14"Home is Where the Heart is"February 23, 1997 (1997-02-23)
Miss Summerhayes starts feeling homesick when she doesn't receive a letter from her family. Fearing she might leave them, The Reppies throw her an English tea party.
15"Letter Home"March 2, 1997 (1997-03-02)
Miss Summerhayes writes a letter to her mother in England about her time teaching and getting along with The Reppies. Highlights from the series' first 13 episodes are featured.
16"Lobo-itis"March 9, 1997 (1997-03-09)
The gang prepares a party to honor the theater's 70th anniversary. But Lobo fears going to the doctor when he suddenly feels sick.
17"Lost and Found"March 16, 1997 (1997-03-16)
After Razz loses his Rhythm Egg, he goes into town to buy a new one. But things take a downward spiral when Razz gets lost and can't find his way home.
18"Moving Away Blues"March 23, 1997 (1997-03-23)
Heather's best friend Katie and her family plan to move to Japan, as Heather worries they won't be friends anymore. Meanwhile, The Reppies throw a going-away party and the band announce the start of their first world tour.
19"New Adventures"March 30, 1997 (1997-03-30)
After The Reppies move into an old theater, they are introduced to Britt Summerhayes, a teacher with magic powers, who shows that learning can be fun.

Season 2 (1998)

No.TitleOriginal air date
20"Nice Work If You Can Get It"February 1, 1998 (1998-02-01)
After a field trip to a museum, The Reppies fantasize about what they want to be when they grow up. Meanwhile, Razz has trouble with his tests while Heather doesn't know what career to pursue.
21"No Place Like Home"February 8, 1998 (1998-02-08)
After the Reppies learn about far-away places in a round of the "Geography Game", Tessa gets the urge to travel.
22"One Man Band"February 15, 1998 (1998-02-15)
After Razz brags about a new tune he claims to have written, Razz finds himself in a pickle when he undergoes writer's block. So Razz asks Miss Summerhayes for advice on admitting the truth.
23"Picture Perfect"February 22, 1998 (1998-02-22)
While leading an environmental project, Lobo accidentally cuts down a healthy tree. Tessa takes up photography indulging the interest of a suspicious magazine journalist.
24"Reduce, Reuse, Recycle"March 1, 1998 (1998-03-01)
After Derango creates "The Pick Up Club," the Reppies and some neighborhood kids compete to determine who collects the most trash.
25"Save Your Money for a Rainy Day"March 8, 1998 (1998-03-08)
Derango learns the value of dollars and sense after a bank loan nearly costs him his baseball card collection, which he puts up as collateral. Meanwhile, Lobo and Uncle Mickey plan a benefit concert for retired musicians.
26"Show and Tell"March 15, 1998 (1998-03-15)
During show and tell in school, Heather shares stories of how The Reppies became her friends. The stories include moments from "Bringing Home Baby" and "Moving Away Blues".
27"Tessa in a Teacup"March 22, 1998 (1998-03-22)
The Reppies team up to repair a tour bus, but Tessa fears she's not up to the task. So Heather helps her by tackling the smaller tasks.


  1. ^ Abbott, Jim (July 27, 1996). "Kids' Show Stars Orlando Woman". Orlando Sentinel. Retrieved August 11, 2018 – via When your resume includes eight years as an entertainer at Walt Disney World, playing a TV character modeled after Mary Poppins isn't much of a leap. Maybe that's why Trudie Petersen landed the role of Britt Summerhayes, a sweetly sensible tutor to five musical dinosaurs in The Reppies. ... Others include actor Rick Stanley, who plays the band's manager; 13-year-old actress Talia Osteen, who has a recurring role.