Created by
  • David Cantolla
  • Luis Gallego
  • Guillermo Garcia
  • Colman Lopez
Developed byAndy Yerkes
Written by
  • Guillermo García Carsí
  • Andy Yerkes (series 1)
  • Ken Scarborough (series 2)
Directed by
  • Guillermo García Carsí
  • David Cantolla
  • Alfonso Rodriguez
Narrated by
  • Stephen Fry (English, series 1–2)
  • José María del Río (Castilian Spanish)
  • Stephen Hughes (English, series 3–present)
Theme music composerDaniel Heredero
Country of origin
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom (series 1-2)
Original languages
  • English (series 1-2)
  • Spanish (series 3–present)
No. of series4
No. of episodes212
Executive producers
  • Kathryn Hart
  • Anne Brogan
  • Jonathan Doyle
  • Carolina Matas
  • Pilar Cubría
EditorCatherine Williams
Running time7 minutes
Production companies
Original release
  • Spain:
  • La 2 (series 1–3)
  • Clan TVE (series 4–present)
  • United Kingdom:
  • CITV (series 1-2)
Release10 May 2005 (2005-05-10) –

Pocoyo (Pocoyó in Spanish and stylised as POCOYO) is an animated interactive preschool comedy television series created by David Cantolla, Luis Gallego, and Guillermo García Carsí, and is produced by the Spanish animation company Zinkia Entertainment, with the first two series were co-productions with Granada Kids, and the first series was a co-production of Cosgrove Hall Films, both in the United Kingdom.

Four series have been produced, each consisting of 52 seven-minute episodes.[1] English actor and comedian Stephen Fry narrates the English-language version[2][3] of the first two series of the show, while Stephen Hughes narrates the third series, called Let's Go Pocoyo, and the fourth series. José María del Río narrates the Castilian Spanish version of the show. In 2009, a new spin-off show called Pocoyo World was created.

On July 2022, the fifth series has been greenlit to commemorate the show's 20th anniversary which was supposed to release in mid-2023, but was delayed for a 2024 release. It will feature significant changes for the characters designs and will feature more new characters such as Pocoyo's little sister, Pocoyina.[4] Similar to the series 4 episode "Dragon Island", five of the episodes will be mixed into live action.[5]

In 2023, the franchise was acquired by Animaj.[6] As then, the series was renewed for a sixth series around 2025 or 2026. A third feature film was announced and would be releasing around 2027 or 2028.


Set in a 3D space, with a plain white background and usually no backdrops, it is about Pocoyo, a four-year-old kid who is dressed all in blue, interacting with his friends Elly, Pato, Nina, Fred the Octopus, Loula, Roberto, Baby Bird, Caterpillar and Sleepy Bird. Viewers are encouraged to recognize situations that Pocoyo is in, and things that are going on with or around him. The Narrator usually speaks explicitly to the viewers and to the characters as well. Each character has its own distinctive dance and also a specific sound (usually from a musical instrument), and most episodes end with the characters dancing.



Pocoyo representation in a playground


Development and production

Pocoyo's name was provided by David Cantolla, one of the creators, after his then two-year-old daughter used it in her nightly "Dear Child Jesus (Jesusito de mi vida [es])" prayers saying "Eres niño poco yo" ("You're a child little me"), but not "Eres niño como yo" ("You're a child like me"). "Pocoyo" could roughly be translated to English as "little me", though it is a made-up construction.[7] The show is animated with Softimage XSI software.[8]

The show was first announced to be in development in March 2003.[9] In October, it was announced that Carlton International would co-produce and distribute the series, and that production delivery on the first half of the first series would begin in September 2004.

In March 2004, Novel Entertainment joined in production as co-producer with Carlton and Zinkia. However, nothing else was known about this initial announcement otherwise.[10][11]

The show was showcased by Granada International at MIP TV in April 2005, with a broadcast window for CITV announced for the autumn. It was also announced that Stephen Fry would narrate the series in the United Kingdom.[12]

The series was renewed for a second series on May 12, 2006.[13] The makers also wish to embark upon other projects, one of which may be a Pocoyo movie.[14] In June 2006, Pocoyo was awarded the Cristal Award for the "Best TV Production" at the 30th Annecy International Animated Film Festival.[15]

In April 2011, Zinkia and ITV Global Entertainment announced they would end their co-distribution partnership on the series and that Zinkia would now hold worldwide distribution of the series.[16]

In May 2023, Zinkia announced the sale of the franchise to French children's investment firm Animaj for an indisclosed amount. The sale would include all IP rights, distribution, and licensing to the franchise but would exclude the educational portions, which Zinkia would retain. In exchange for the deal, Zinkia would acquire a 7.99% in Animaj.[17] The deal was closed on September 20, 2023.[18]


Series overview

SeriesEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
15210 May 2005 (2005-05-10)18 November 2005 (2005-11-18)
2527 August 2006 (2006-08-07)6 May 2007 (2007-05-06)
3523 July 2010 (2010-07-03)27 November 2010 (2010-11-27)
4532628 November 2016 (2016-11-28)22 December 2017 (2017-12-22)
271 March 2021 (2021-03-01)8 July 2021 (2021-07-08)
5TBA2024 (2024)TBA
Specials24October 2016 (2016-10)2022

Four series have been produced with 52 episodes. There is also an unreleased episode entitled "The See-Saw".[19] This episode was only released in a special version of "El Show de Pocoyo" on DVD during 2009.

Series 3 is known as Let's Go Pocoyo, with episodes which have different segments. The 1st segment contains one relating to the story and the 2nd part involves stuff like counting, exercising, and learning about shapes. In the end, there is a music video recapping the story.

Series 4 consists of episodes similar in the first two series, but now with less audience engagements from the narrator and introduces another human character Nina and her Robot friend, Roberto as the main characters. Originally in YouTube, he first half produced 26 episodes and it became successful.[20][21] Because of its success, the second half with 26 episodes was produced exclusively on the Spanish children's channel Clan TVE, ABC Kids in Australia, and exclusively in the Pocoyo Party game for the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch.[22]

Since 2016, there are Specials in relation with the holidays each year with few relating to sports. Following the success of Series 4, there are episodes produced as a web series, and both series are exclusively online in YouTube. In "A Very Special Guest", a Christmas Special for 2019, Yanko, a giant snow yeti is introduced as a main character.

Series 5 will air in 2024.

Pilots (2002–2005)

  1. Pilot (MIPCOM 2002) — Pocoyo and Ducky (Pato) ride on a boat looking for some fish. Note: It was not publicly available until July 15, 2006, and the only characters featured were Pocoyo and Pato (Originally named “Ducky”).
  2. The See-Saw (Second Pilot) (2005) - Pocoyo and Pato learn how the see-saw works, with the help of their friend Elly.(The characters already had their normal appearance)

Series 1: Pocoyo (2005)

No. in
TitleWritten byOriginal release date
11"Umbrella Umbrella"Andy Yerkes10 May 2005 (2005-05-10)
In this debut episode, Pocoyo and his friends try to find out how to use an umbrella.
22"Drum Roll Please"Claudia Silver13 May 2005 (2005-05-13)
Pocoyo and his friends try to make their own band after listening to the Ball Orchestra. However, they need a rhythm to make it sound just like the Ball Orchestra.
33"Swept Away"P. Kevin Strader16 May 2005 (2005-05-16)
Pocoyo has to clean up his building blocks before Elly comes over to play, but when he finds a broom, he uses it for anything but cleaning up the blocks.
44"Who's on the Phone?"Pippin Parker19 May 2005 (2005-05-19)
Pocoyo finds a telephone and tries to work out what it's for.
55"Fetch Loula Fetch!"P. Kevin Strader22 May 2005 (2005-05-22)
Pocoyo and Loula are going to the beach but keep losing their ball.
66"A Little Cloud"Andy Yerkes25 May 2005 (2005-05-25)
Pocoyo is followed by a lonely little cloud who wants to play with him.
77"A Present for Elly"Susan Kim28 May 2005 (2005-05-28)
It's Elly's birthday and Pocoyo makes a present for her.
88"Pocoyo Dance"Susan Kim31 May 2005 (2005-05-31)
Pocoyo and Pato find a radio, but the former has some trouble dancing.
99"The Big Sneeze"Claudia Silver3 June 2005 (2005-06-03)
Elly has a cold and her sneezes keep knocking Pocoyo's block tower down.
1010"A Mystery Most Puzzling"Pippin Parker6 June 2005 (2005-06-06)
Pocoyo has to follow the clues in a series of photographs to work out who got his camera.
1111"Hush"Andy Yerkes9 June 2005 (2005-06-09)
Pocoyo finda a butterfly but every time he says hello to it, it flies away.
1212"Double Bubble"Michele F. Cavin12 June 2005 (2005-06-12)
Pocoyo enjoys blowing bubbles for Loula but Elly wants a turn too.
1313"Key to it All"David Ingham15 June 2005 (2005-06-15)
Pocoyo finds a key and invites Pato and Elly to join with him to find the treasure.
1414"Keep going Pocoyo!"David Ingham18 June 2005 (2005-06-18)
Pato and Elly are jumping rope and Pocoyo wants to join in too but cannot get the knack going.
1515"Sleepy Bird's Surprise"P. Kevin Strader21 June 2005 (2005-06-21)
Sleepy Bird's egg runs away and Pocoyo and Pato need to get it back to her nest just in time for it to hatch.
1616"Where's Pocoyo?"Susan Kim24 June 2005 (2005-06-24)
Pocoyo plays hide and seek with the Narrator.
1717"Drummer Boy"Claudia Silver27 June 2005 (2005-06-27)
Pocoyo wants to drum but his friends do not want to join him.
1818"The Great Race"Annie Evans30 June 2005 (2005-06-30)
Elly and Pocoyo have a race.
1919"Don't Touch"Pippin Parker8 August 2005 (2005-08-08)
Pocoyo is left in charge of guarding Elly's block castle. The most important was to not mess with it or the castle will collapse.
2020"Mystery Footprints"Susan Kim11 August 2005 (2005-08-11)
Pocoyo and his friends follow some mysterious footprints.
2121"Magical Watering Can"Michele F. Cavin14 August 2005 (2005-08-14)
Pocoyo needs water so the Musical Flower can dance again on a very hot day.
2222"Table for Fun"Pippin Parker17 August 2005 (2005-08-17)
Pocoyo and Elly play restaurants, but their unwilling guest, Pato, doesn't understand that it's just a game.
2323"Twinkle Twinkle"Susan Kim20 August 2005 (2005-08-20)
A star falls from the night sky. Elly wants to keep it but Pocoyo wants to put it back in the sky.
2424"Hiccup"Annie Evans23 August 2005 (2005-08-23)
Pato has the hiccups and his friends try to help him get rid of them.
2525"Pato's Postal Service"P. Kevin Strader26 August 2005 (2005-08-26)
Pocoyo wants to send a letter, so Pato becomes a postman for the day.
2626"Puppy Love"Claudia Silver29 August 2005 (2005-08-29)
Pocoyo neglects Loula when he finds a new toy dog to play with.
2727"Bat and Ball"Rebecca Chace2 September 2005 (2005-09-02)
Pocoyo, Elly and Pato play Bat and Ball with Octopus. Pocoyo wants to go first but he is angry that Pato & Elly get to go before him.
2828"Elly Spots"Chris Hoey5 September 2005 (2005-09-05)
Elly is stricken with a case of the elephant spots and Pocoyo and Pato have to forsake their picnic to look after her.
2929"Up Up and Away"Jeff Kindley6 September 2005 (2005-09-06)
Pocoyo and his friends go on a space adventure to retrieve his toy plane after Elly accidentally throws it in outer space.
3030"A Surprise for Pocoyo"Pippin Parker11 September 2005 (2005-09-11)
Pato, Elly, Loula, & Sleepy Bird are preparing a surprise party for Pocoyo but they need the Narrator to distract Pocoyo or it will ruin the surprise if he finds out.
3131"Having a Ball"Claudia Silver14 September 2005 (2005-09-14)
Baby Bird wants to play ball with Pocoyo & Pato but they say he's too little. So, he steals their ball and takes it with him to outer space.
3232"Super Pocoyo"Jeff Kindley15 September 2005 (2005-09-15)
Pocoyo is pretending to be a superhero and wants to help others. However, his beliefs of trouble around them upset his friends.
3333"Let's Go Camping!"Pippin Parker19 September 2005 (2005-09-19)
Pocoyo & his friends are going camping but their supplies are too much for the vamoosh to carry.
3434"Pocoyo, Pocoyo"James Ponti22 September 2005 (2005-09-22)
Pocoyo can't find his friends, but he finds a new friend: his echo.
3535"Elly's Big Chase"Susan Kim25 September 2005 (2005-09-25)
Pocoyo & Pato want to show Elly their new balloons but she is asleep. When she floats away because of them, they have to save her before she wakes up.
3636"Pocoyo Gets it Right"David Ingham28 September 2005 (2005-09-28)
Pocoyo wants to play golf with Elly but he doesn't want her help. However, without her help, he cannot hit the golf ball in the hole.
3737"Juggling Balls"Rebecca Chace1 October 2005 (2005-10-01)
Pocoyo want to juggle like Elly & Octopus but he's not very good at it so his friends use him as a ball in their act to cheer him up.
3838"Fussy Duck"Andy Yerkes4 October 2005 (2005-10-04)
Pato wants to stay clean after taking four showers, but his cleanliness is no match for his friends' messy act.
3939"A Dog's Life"Pippin Parker7 October 2005 (2005-10-07)
Pocoyo pretends to be a duck, elephant, and dog like his friends but he soon learns how to be happy with himself in the end.
4040"Pocoyolympics"Susan Kim10 October 2005 (2005-10-10)
Pocoyo, Pato, and Elly are competing in their own version of the Olympics but Pocoyo is upset when Pato and Elly win the first two events.
4141"Picture This"David Ingham13 October 2005 (2005-10-13)
Pocoyo is drawing pictures of extraordinary fish flying or swinging in the trees, but his friends think they are silly and don't like them.
4242"Whale's Birthday"Claudia Silver16 October 2005 (2005-10-16)
Pocoyo & his friends have presents for Whale on her birthday but they end up getting popped, eaten by a fish, or destroyed by water.
4343"Pocoyo's Little Friend"P. Kevin Strader19 October 2005 (2005-10-19)
Pocoyo finds a little caterpillar and feeds it a lot of food.
4444"Colour My World"Rebecca Chace22 October 2005 (2005-10-22)
Pocoyo finds a new toy, a remote control that changes the colours of the things around him. It's great fun, until he changes the colours of his friends. So, he has to put things back to the way they were.
4545"Bedtime"Claudia Silver25 October 2005 (2005-10-25)
It's time for bed for Pocoyo & Pato but Pocoyo isn't tired and wants to stay up to keep playing but keeps Pato from going to sleep.
4646"A Little Something Between Friends"Pippin Parker28 October 2005 (2005-10-28)
Pocoyo and Pato have a fight, refuse to make up, and build a wall against each other. So, Elly has to get them to be friends again.
4747"Giggle Bug"Susan Kim3 November 2005 (2005-11-03)
Pocoyo & his friends are in a bad mood so Octopus decides to make them happy again.
4848"What's in the Box?"David Ingham6 November 2005 (2005-11-06)
Pocoyo is playing with a box but he does not see Loula going into it.
4949"Musical Blocks"P. Kevin Strader9 November 2005 (2005-11-09)
Pocoyo & Pato find some blocks that can sense different types of music.
5050"Paint Me a Picture!"Rebecca Chace12 November 2005 (2005-11-12)
Pocoyo is painting his friends but he cannot keep them still for him to paint.
5151"Elly's Doll"Jeff Kindley15 November 2005 (2005-11-15)
Pocoyo accidentally breaks Elly's doll but he does not want to tell Elly so he pretends to be her doll.
5252"Wackily Ever After"James Ponti18 November 2005 (2005-11-18)
Pocoyo and his friends act out a fairy tale but end up acting like their normal selves in the end.
Note: This is the final episode to feature Alex Marty as Pocoyo and to be produced by Cosgrove Hall Films.

Series 2: Pocoyo (2006–2007)

  1. Mr. Big Duck (7 August 2006) – Pato finds a pair of sunglasses and wants to be called Mr. Big Duck. Pocoyo & Baby Bird want to join him too but soon Elly wants them to come play what they usually play. Note: This is the first episode to feature Montana Smedley as Pocoyo.
  2. Guess What? (10 August 2006) – The viewers try to guess what objects Pocoyo is hiding.
  3. All for One (13 August 2006) – Pocoyo wants to play with his friends but they would rather fly up in the sky. Pocoyo wants to fly too but he is unable to.
  4. Band of Friends (16 August 2006) – Pocoyo finds a red block that makes music and it invites its shape friends to join in.
  5. Upside Down (20 August 2006) – Pato is stuck upside down. So his friends cheer him up when they cannot get him down.
  6. Mad Mix Machine (23 August 2006) – Pocoyo take his friends' stuff without asking and mixes them with other objects.
  7. The Messy Guest (26 August 2006) – Pocoyo's friends are upset that he and Baby Bird have made a mess. So Pocoyo & Baby Bird have to make amends with them by cleaning up their messes.
  8. New on the Planet (29 August 2006) – A little green alien comes to visit Pocoyo's world.
  9. Pocoyo's Present (1 September 2006) – Elly tries to get Pocoyo to open a present for her.
  10. Elly's Ballet Class (4 September 2006) – Elly gets Pocoyo, Pato, Baby Bird, and Caterpillar to star in her ballet class, but she is too bossy and becomes frustrated when none of her friends follow the moves she does.
  11. Pocoyo's Balloon (7 September 2006) – Pocoyo has a balloon but he loses it. Pato and Elly make all possible for play with him, but Pocoyo only wants his lost balloon.
  12. Who's Calling Me Now? (10 September 2006) – Pocoyo, Pato, Elly, and Loula are having a good time with different whistles, but they accidentally upset Baby Bird.
  13. Big Scary Slide (13 September 2006) – Pocoyo tries to conquer his fear of going down a giant slide with the help of Elly who pretends to be scared too to get Pocoyo to go on the slide.
  14. Elly's Shoes (16 September 2006) – Elly gets new high-heel shoes and refuses to take them off, even if they hurt her feet.
  15. Duck Stuck (19 September 2006) – Pato goes inside different doors but when he gets stuck in one, it's up to Pocoyo to save him.
  16. Scary Noises (22 September 2006) – Pato is scared of an orange alien after the tailfin of the Vamoosh falls apart and lands on a planet.
  17. Not in my Backyard! (25 September 2006) – People are littering throughout Pocoyo's world with a big box of rubbish, but Pocoyo has a plan to make with good use
  18. Vamoosh on the Loosh (28 September 2006) – Baby Bird wants Pocoyo to teach him to drive the Vamoosh and Pocoyo has promised it. But soon, Pocoyo had broken his promise with him, so Baby Bird takes a joyride on the Vamoosh after waiting so long.
  19. Detective Pocoyo (5 October 2006) – Elly's doll goes missing during her picnic, and Detective Pocoyo helps her find it. They question their friends as suspects but none of them have the doll.
  20. Scooter Madness (8 October 2006) – Pato breaks Elly's scooter after doing one too many tricks with it after forgetting whose scooter it is.
  21. Lost in Space (11 October 2006) – The little green alien and Pocoyo get lost in the alien's home planet.
  22. Boo! (14 October 2006) – Pocoyo decides to scare his friends. The one who gets really scared is Pato.
  23. Party Pooper (17 October 2006) – Pocoyo only wants his friends to play his way at his party.
  24. My Pato! (20 October 2006) – Elly and Pocoyo have a quarrel over who gets to play with Pato on the day of his birthday causing him to leave home.
  25. Baby Bird Bother (23 October 2006) – Baby Bird starts following Pocoyo around. But it soon turns to annoyance when Baby Bird cannot stop bothering Pocoyo, so Pocoyo shouts at him to go away, which Pocoyo regrets right away.
  26. Dirty Dog (26 October 2006) – Loula is dirty, and Pocoyo, Pato, and Elly try to clean her. But Loula was much too fast and too smart for them to catch her.
  27. The Seed (17 February 2007) – Pocoyo takes care of a seed. But Sleepy Bird, Loula, and Pato mistake it for a snack, a ball, and an egg. So Pocoyo has to shoo them off every time they attempt to steal his seed.
  28. Runaway Hat (20 February 2007) – Pato's hat has been blown away by the wind and he decides to hide from his friends to not have his bald head revealed.
  29. Invisible Pocoyo (23 February 2007) – Pocoyo turns invisible with a device. He wants to show his friends but they're busy. So he pranks them with the invisible device.
  30. Noise To My Ears (26 February 2007) – Pato wants to take a nap but his friends' noise making is waking him up.
  31. Baby Bird Sitting (2 March 2007) – Pato tries to babysit Baby Bird, but Baby Bird and Caterpillar's noisy and messy antics drive him crazy so Pocoyo helps out.
  32. Everyone's Present (5 March 2007) – Pocoyo, Pato, and Elly each receive presents.
  33. Magic Act (8 March 2007) – Pocoyo tries to do magic tricks.
  34. Picnic Puzzle (11 March 2007) – Food is mysteriously disappearing, and Pocoyo and Elly think Pato is to blame.
  35. Pocoyo's Puppet Show (14 March 2007) – Pocoyo tries to put on a puppet show.
  36. Pato's Egg (17 March 2007) – Pato finds an egg. And when it hatched, he becomes a dad to a baby spider which Pocoyo and Elly are scared of.
  37. Dance Off! (20 March 2007) – Pocoyo and Pato try to compete against each other in a dance off and it's up to Elly's dance moves to keep it from getting out of hand.
  38. Get Lost Loula (23 March 2007) – After Loula finds everyone in hide and seek and she gets credit instead of Pocoyo, he throws a ball very far away to get Loula to go away, his friends are angry at him so he has to find her.
  39. Sneaky Shoes (26 March 2007) – Pato finds a pair of shoes that help him run faster, but little does know that the shoes seem to have a mind of their own, especially when Elly finds out the buzzing on the shoe, and when they get out of control when he tries to take them off.
  40. Shutterbug (29 March 2007) – Pato is not happy with some of his pictures of his friends.
  41. Angry Alien (3 April 2007) – An evil alien tries unsuccessfully to take over because he is too small and everything in Pocoyo's world is too big.
  42. Pato Underwater (6 April 2007) – Pato decides to meet his friends Octopus and Whale, but finds out his toys don't work underwater.
  43. Pato's Paintings (9 April 2007) – Pocoyo tries to get Pato interested in painting.
  44. Monster Mystery (12 April 2007) – Pocoyo wants to scare his friends with a monster mask but it backfires.
  45. Poczilla (15 April 2007) – Pocoyo and Pato pretend to be monsters, not realizing they are scaring off the tiny people of a city.
  46. Elly on Ice (18 April 2007) – Pocoyo and Pato are having fun ice skating and Elly wants to join in while trying not to slip on the ice.
  47. Farewell Friends (21 April 2007) Pato is leaving.
  48. Double Trouble (24 April 2007) – Pato makes a clone of himself so he can go on the see-saw when Pocoyo wanted to play catch with him but he did not want to.
  49. Horse! (27 April 2007) – Pocoyo loses his temper when his friends do not give him a real horse.
  50. Elly's Tea Party (30 April 2007) – Elly invites Pocoyo, Pato and Baby Bird over for a tea party but her bossiness nearly ruins it.
  51. Talent Show (3 May 2007) – Pocoyo and his friends put on a talent show, but Caterpillar is too nervous to do her turn.
  52. Remember When... (6 May 2007) – A clip episode where Pocoyo and his friends watch home movies. But they fight over the clips that one finds funny but upsets the others. Note: This is the final episode to feature Montana Smedley as Pocoyo, Stephen Fry as the Narrator, and to be produced by Granada Kids.

Series 3: Let's Go Pocoyo (2010)

  1. Pocoyo's Band (3 July 2010) – Pocoyo finds a box with musical instruments. He learns how to use them and calls his friends to form a rock band. The first attempt is a disaster, but in the end they learn to play in order and manage to make beautiful music. Note: This is the first episode to feature Isabella Foy as Pocoyo and Stephen Hughes as the Narrator.
  2. Picnic (5 July 2010) – Pocoyo, Pato and Elly go on a picnic. Suddenly the sandwiches in the basket begin to move on their own and run away. The trio chase them throughout the scene until they catch them. In the end, Pocoyo discovers with his magnifying glass that it's the ants who were trying to take the sandwiches and invites them to share the picnic with them.
  3. Pato's Shower (8 July 2010) – Pato has his towel, his soap, and his brush ready to take a shower when the phone rings. He goes to answer and when he returns he realizes that his things have disappeared. Pato decides to locate them, and runs out that they his friends are playing with them. In the end, Pocoyo and Elly realize that it was not right to take their things without permission and they help Pato to make his shower unforgettable.
  4. The Garden (10 July 2010) – Pato is taking care of his garden when Pocoyo arrives. He also wants to plant a plant. Pato lends him a gardening book so he can follow the steps. Pocoyo ignores the book, so he only manages to grow a ridiculous plant.
  5. Pato the Postman (13 July 2010) – Pocoyo writes a letter to Elly but he needs a postman. Luckily, Pato is ready to deliver his mail. However, the situation becomes too much for Pato. His friends, realizing it, ask him for one last delivery, which leads to a surprise party that they all enjoy together.
  6. Colours (15 July 2010) – Pocoyo is building a tower of colored blocks. Suddenly he finds a red cube that speaks. The red cube has a yellow friend, a blue friend, and a green friend. Pocoyo goes to look for Pato so that he can see them, but when Pato arrives, the "toridoris" have camouflaged themselves with the blocks of the tower. Pocoyo finds them with the help of the children, and returns to look for Pato.
  7. Ready, Steady, Go! (18 July 2010) – Pocoyo, Pato and Elly challenge each other to a race. Everything starts very well, but things get complicated when everyone starts cheating to get to first place. After various adventures they learn that winning is not the most important thing: the important thing is to have fun.
  8. Camping (20 July 2010) – Pocoyo, Pato and Elly get ready to go camping. When it gets dark they play scaring each other, but what started as a game gets complicated when they go to sleep: everyone is scared by a mysterious noise. The next morning they discover that the terrifying noise was simply the snoring of Sleepy Bird.
  9. Space Mission (23 July 2010) – Pocoyo and Pato are playing with their friend Green Alien. They build a rocket with boxes and enjoy pretending to fly through space between planets and stars. At the height of the mission, Green Alien's parents arrive, reminding him that they really have to come home.
  10. Travel with Pato (25 July 2010) – Pato is about to go on a trip, but he realizes that he has forgotten his suitcase. She calls Pocoyo and Elly and asks them to take her to the airport as quickly as possible. They take the bus and try to get to the airport before Pato's flight takes off.
  11. Playtime (28 July 2010) – Pocoyo appears with a box full of toys: building blocks, a puzzle and a ball. His friends want to play with him, but Pocoyo won't let them because he prefers to play alone. In the end he realizes that he prefers to play with his friends and again asks them to forgive him and ask them to play with him.
  12. Tennis Everyone (30 July 2010) – The friends are ready to enjoy a game of tennis. Pato is a great champion and it seems that nobody can dispute his superiority on the track. When Caterpillar offers to play, everyone laughs at her for being so small. In the end, she shows them that size does not matter.
  13. Hide and Seek (2 August 2010) – Pocoyo wants to play hide and seek but he doesn't understand the rules of the game very well. With the help of his friends he learns the dynamics and is finally ready to look for them. When Pocoyo finally finds them, they have prepared a surprise party that they all enjoy together.
  14. Party Time (4 August 2010) – Pocoyo, Pato and Elly are preparing a birthday party. Fred wants to help them, and Pocoyo asks him to blow up balloons. Poor Fred has a bit of a hard time but in the end he gets a pleasant surprise: the party they were preparing was for him!
  15. Wheels (7 August 2010) – Our friends are taking a walk. Elly rides her bike, Pocoyo rides his scooter and Pato rides his skateboard. Caterpillar wants to ride with them too, but her friends' vehicles are too big for her. Thanks to her friends, in the end she is able to ride all of them.
  16. Elly's Bath (9 August 2010) – Pocoyo goes to look for Elly to play ball, but Elly is taking a bath. While Pocoyo waits, Elly plays with the bubbles in the bath and with her rubber ducky. Elly finally comes out of the bathroom, but Pocoyo doesn't feel like playing ball anymore: he wants to play in the bathroom too!
  17. The Amazing Tower (12 August 2010) – Pato is building a tower with colored blocks. Pocoyo wants to play too and Pato lends him a cube so he can make his own tower. But when they run out, Pocoyo takes the blocks from Pato's tower, collapsing it. The two fight, until Pocoyo comes up with a great idea: to build a tower together.
  18. Pocoyo's New Toys (14 August 2010) – Pato, Elly, and Caterpillar are playing with their new toys: a hula hoop, a kite, and a jump rope. Pocoyo tries to play, but he doesn't know how. Fortunately, his friends lend him a hand and Pocoyo learns to play with all the toys.
  19. Bathing Loula (17 August 2010) – Loula has gotten into a puddle and now Pocoyo and Elly have to bathe her. But Loula does not like bathing at all and she runs away again and again. After several tries, Loula is very clean, but now there is someone else who needs a bath.
  20. Magic Fingers (19 August 2010) – Pocoyo is going to do magic. To the surprise of his friends, he makes his fingers disappear, then his hand, and finally his foot. In the end Caterpillar discovers that it was just a trick.
  21. Cooking With Elly (22 August 2010) – Elly is in the kitchen. She is wearing an apron because she has just baked a birthday cake for Caterpillar. Suddenly Pocoyo and Pato appear and, without knowing how, the cake ends up on the floor. The three of them prepare another cake and set the table to surprise Caterpillar. In the end, they also get a surprise of their own.
  22. Elly's Market (24 August 2010) – Elly has set up a market to play with her friends. He has oranges, apples and bananas. Pocoyo and Pato have fun playing with the fruit stand and break it. They have to fix it and place each fruit in its place.
  23. Pato's Bedtime (27 August 2010) – Pato is ready for bed. He is wearing his pajamas and has picked up his teddy bear. But Pocoyo keeps playing and won't let him sleep. In the end Pocoyo falls asleep too, but with Pato's teddy bear!
  24. A Hole in One (29 August 2010) – Elly is playing golf. Pocoyo tries to imitate her, but since he does not know how to play, he cheats to beat Elly. Elly gets mad at him, but in the end she teaches him how to play without cheating.
  25. Pocoyo's Camera (3 September 2010) – Pocoyo finds a camera and goes to find his friends to take pictures of them. His friends are caught by surprise and they are not amused by the photos they have taken. In the end, they all take much more fun photos together and have a great time.
  26. Painting With Pocoyo (5 September 2010) – Pocoyo and his friends are painting a fruit still life. Pato is painting with a brush, Elly with pencils and Pocoyo with crayons. Baby Bird is placed in the still life for his friends to include him in their drawings. While he waits, he eats the fruit, forcing them to start all over. In the end, everyone paints the only thing left in the still life: Baby Bird.
  27. Playing Dress Up (8 September 2010) – Pocoyo, Elly and Pato are playing dress up. Elly has put on polka dot shoes, Pato a red hat and a bow tie, and Pocoyo yellow pants. Caterpillar wants to play with them, but there is nothing in her size. With a little imagination, Caterpillar gets to wear her own costume.
  28. Magic Box (10 September 2010) – Pocoyo has two magic boxes. He puts a phone inside one of the boxes and closes it. The phone appears inside the other box, as if by magic. He decides to make Pato's ball disappear to play a prank on him, but Pato isn't amused. Fortunately the ball appears and they both end up playing together.
  29. Pocoyo's Restaurant (13 September 2010) – Pocoyo and Elly have set up a restaurant. They have everything: tables, chairs, plates, glasses, cutlery, etc. Their first guest is Angry Alien. Thanks to their effort, they get him to leave happy. But, a curious surprise awaits them.
  30. Wake Up, Pocoyo! (15 September 2010) – The day begins and Pato gets out of bed full of energy, while Pocoyo cannot wake up. Pato gets him out of bed and takes him to play, but Pocoyo is still asleep. Little by little, he wakes up, but when he is having the best time it is time to go to sleep again.
  31. Ahoy, Pocoyo! (18 September 2010) – Pato and Pocoyo pretend to be pirates. With the help of a map and a spyglass, they search for a treasure chest on the island, while avoiding hungry piranhas Baby Bird and Caterpillar along the way.
  32. Elly's Computer (20 September 2010) – Elly is playing with her computer, while Pocoyo waits to play ball with her. Pocoyo gets mad because Elly does not play with him, but Elly finishes her video game and they can finally play ball together.
  33. Going To The Beach (6 October 2010) – Pocoyo and Pato receive a postcard from Elly, who is on vacation at the beach. Not to be outdone, they set up their own beach. Armed with their sunglasses, a bucket and a shovel they build a magnificent sand castle. The only thing missing is for Elly to come back and they can all enjoy their beach together.
  34. Big & Small (8 October 2010) – Pocoyo plays with a remote control that turns things big or small: it transforms Pato's tower into a tiny tower, and Loula's bone or Elly's doll into huge objects. After his friends get angry, Pocoyo returns everything to its original size.
  35. Face Painting (11 October 2010) – Pocoyo and Pato are painting pictures and Elly wants them to paint her new doll. So they paint one picture of the eyes, one of the nose, one of the mouth, and two pictures of the ears. So that Elly doesn't get angry, they decide to make a giant painting with all the parts of the doll.
  36. Supermarket (13 October 2010) – Pocoyo and Pato have a supermarket. Elly calls them to ask for a bottle, which Pocoyo puts in a basket and delivers to her. Elly calls again asking for a carton, and then a can. After a few orders, Pocoyo and Pato are exhausted. Finally, Elly writes them a shopping list so they can put everything in their cart at once.
  37. Elly's Playhouse (16 October 2010) – Elly has a little house to play in. But, when Pocoyo and Pato play with her, the house collapses. With the help of Elly they manage to raise it again, putting everything in its place.
  38. Pocoyo's Puppet Theater (18 October 2010) – Pocoyo finds a box full of puppets. Elly helps him build a small theater so he can play. They already have puppets and a theater with its curtain, but they still lack an audience.
  39. Up & Down (21 October 2010) – Pocoyo is teaching Baby Bird the difference between up and down. To do this they get on the see-saw, but Baby Bird is not very clear about what is up and what is down. They climb to the top of the slide, and jump off, but he still has doubts. In the end they go for a ride in the Vamoosh, where Baby Bird finally understands.
  40. Pocoyo's Breakfast (23 October 2010) – It's time for breakfast and Elly has prepared orange juice, milk, and cereal for Pocoyo. But Pocoyo prefers to see what his friends have for breakfast. Thus, he sees that Fred has algae for breakfast, Baby Bird seeds, and his friend Strange Alien, planetary rocks. In the end, he finds out his breakfast is not so bad!
  41. Traffic Jam (26 October 2010) – Pocoyo is playing at being a traffic cop. With the help of a traffic light and a whistle, he tries to get his friends to respect the signals and cross the pedestrian crossing. However, it does not seem like an easy task.
  42. Pato's Living Room (28 October 2010) – Pato's living room has a sofa, a table, a TV and a rug. Pato is preparing to calmly watch television, when his friends break into his house. But Pato doesn't feel like company and kicks them out. In the end he feels sorry to leave them out and asks them to come back.
  43. Cinema (5 November 2010) – Pato is going to show a movie for his friends, who are his audience. He shows the viewers the screen, the seats and the projector. It all starts out great until the movie stalls and the audience laughs. Pato gets angry but his friends get him to sit with them to enjoy the show.
  44. Elly's New Doll (7 September 2010) – Elly's new doll has two arms, two legs and a head. Elly has to run an errand and leaves Pocoyo and Pato in charge of the doll. When she returns, his doll is not as she had left it.
  45. Circus (10 November 2010) – Pocoyo, Pato and Elly are setting up a circus with acrobats, jugglers, and clowns. At the beginning the artists are not very coordinated, but in the end the performances are very funny and the audience have a great time.
  46. The Best Bedroom (12 November 2010) – Elly's bedroom has a bed and a closet full of clothes, Pato's has a bedside table and a lamp, and Pocoyo's has a box full of toys. Each of them think they have the best bedroom.
  47. Pocoyo Goes To School (15 November 2010) – Caterpillar and Baby Bird are at school. They carry backpacks, notebooks and pencils. Elly is the teacher. Pocoyo and Pato do not want to play with them; they prefer to play ball. But, little by little, they like what they do at school more and they join their friends.
  48. Art (17 November 2010) – The friends have made an exhibition that includes different artistic disciplines such as painting, sculpture and photography. Pato plays the role of an art critic and visits the exhibition, but there is nothing he likes. The others ask him to show his artistic skills, and then Pato realizes that making art is not that easy.
  49. Pocoyo Recycles (20 November 2010) – Pocoyo and Pato find some recycling bins. Elly shows up with a bunch of things to recycle: bottles, cans, and newspapers. Fred also has things to recycle, but Pocoyo and Pato have to convince him that it's a good idea.
  50. Down on The Farm (22 November 2010) – Pocoyo, Elly and Pato are in the garden where they have planted tomatoes, carrots and lettuce. It's time to pick them up and eat, when suddenly the vegetables start to move on their own. They finally catch them and find out why they were moving.
  51. Nurse Elly (25 November 2010) – Pocoyo does not feel like cleaning up and pretends to be sick. Then, Elly tells him that he should get into bed, wear a bandage and take some medicine. Pocoyo eventually admits that he was not sick and will help his friends clean up.
  52. Fishing With Pocoyo (27 November 2010) – Pocoyo and Pato are fishing. They have a net and a rod with a curious hook: Caterpillar. They cast the cane and wait. Caterpillar reaches the bottom of the sea and befriends a fish. Pocoyo and Pato can't catch anything and they have to go down to the bottom of the sea to see what's happening. Note: This is the final episode to feature Isabella Foy as Pocoyo.

Series 4: Pocoyo (2016–21)

Series 4 – Part One (2016–2017)

  1. Holidays – (28 Nov 2016) Pocoyo, Pato, & Elly have gone back home and tell what they did for holiday. Note: This is the first episode to feature Gigi Hatt as Pocoyo.
  2. Christmas Tree – (17 Dec 2016) Pato has decided to have a Christmas Tree of his own, but he cannot find one.
  3. Chicks Dig Me – (27 Jan 2017) Pocoyo has to take care of the chicks he finds when taking a stroll along with Pato's help.
  4. Call Me – (17 Feb 2017) Pato bought himself a phone via delivery, but its constant ringing causes problems.
  5. Muck Struck – (3 Mar 2017) Pocoyo, Pato, & Elly must clean up the dirty pond they found in order to use fresh water again.
  6. Nina – (24 Mar 2017) Pato finds something strange on his flowers where he, along with Pocoyo realize it was a strange young girl named Nina along with a robot named Roberto.
  7. Hack Attack – (14 Apr 2017) Pocoyo and his friends take care of Roberto, but an accident occurs when Roberto goes out of control.
  8. Hole Lotta Trouble – (28 Apr 2017) Pocoyo, Pato, & Elly investigate a strange black hole they find which leads to different worlds.
  9. Great Shot! – (12 May 2017) Pocoyo and his friends each make up rules in a tennis game.
  10. Disco Fleaver – (19 May 2017) Loula has fleas, so Pocoyo & Nina, shrunken by Roberto, have to find a way to get rid of them.
  11. House Of Colours – (9 Jun 2017) Elly wants to paint the whole house pink, but Pocoyo & Pato would rather paint it in different colors.
  12. Summer Hike – (30 Jun 2017) Pato has invited Pocoyo & Nina for a summer hike on the mountains.
  13. Bumbleberry Surprise – (7 Jul 2017) Pocoyo and his friends want to bake a cake, so they have to look for a unique kind of berries inside a bush in order to make one.
  14. Are We There Yet? – (21 Jul 2017) Pocoyo and the others are on their way to the beach.
  15. Tourist Trapped – (11 Aug 2017) Multiple green aliens arrive in the Pocoyo World, wanting to take pictures of everything in the world as souvenirs.
  16. Time After Time Before Time – (8 Sep 2017) Pocoyo & Nina time travel to the past using Roberto as a time machine in order to eat the cupcakes Elly accidentally dropped and explore further beyond.
  17. Tiny Fun Park – (22 Sep 2017) Due to not being able to go to a real amusement park, Pocoyo and his friends make their own theme park using Roberto's ability to make everyone shrink.
  18. Halloween Tales – (13 Oct 2017) Pocoyo, Pato, & Elly make their own stories to scare Nina, but she finds them funny.
  19. Rock Is A Hard Place – (10 Nov 2017) Pocoyo and his friends make their own band, but things get out of hand with each one having a fight over who has more attention.
  20. Angry Alien Strikes Back – (15 Nov 2017) Angry Alien plans revenge to take over the Pocoyo World with his new invention.
  21. Magic Words – (16 Nov 2017) Strange things are happening as each object changes to a different kind of object.
  22. Sleep Guard – (18 Nov 2017) Pocoyo is on a guard duty to prevent noises as Sleepy Bird is asleep.
  23. Insert Coin – (19 Nov 2017) Angry Alien has kidnapped Elly's doll and Pocoyo has to save it.
  24. Space Postal Service – (8 Dec 2017) Pato and Baby Bird have to deliver a package to a Green Alien in space
  25. An Alien Christmas Carol – (15 Dec 2017) Angry Alien plans to ruin Christmas once and for all.
  26. Dance Off Part Two – (22 Dec 2017) Elly & Nina face Pocoyo & Pato in a dance battle.

Series 4 – Part Two (2020–2021)

  1. The Grand Final – Pocoyo sees Pato and Elly playing basketball, and he wants to play with them too.
  2. Slippery Pato – Pato pours far too much moisturising oil on himself and disappoints Pocoyo and Elly because he's too slippery to play.
  3. The Dino Box – Pocoyo makes an amazing machine that can transform people into dinosaurs.
  4. Pirates – Pocoyo is playing pirates with a toy boat when he finds out that Pato has a real one.
  5. The Pink Perfume – Elly receives a bottle of her favourite perfume, but she has to be careful not to use it up too quickly.
  6. Robot Pocoyo – Pocoyo likes robots so much that he ends up becoming one.
  7. Pato's Phone – Pato is so obsessed with his smartphone that he's not interested in anything else.(Note: This May be a sequel to “Call Me”.)
  8. Fancy Dress Party – Pocoyo and friends find out that there is going to be a party and fancy dress competition, and Pato is confident that he will win.
  9. Strike! – Pato becomes obsessed with bowling when he finds he never shoots, no matter how hard he tries, while Elly and Pocoyo succeed effortlessly.
  10. Let's Tidy Up – Pato has just finished tidying up his room when Elly and Pocoyo arrive to play.
  11. The Balloon – Nina has a beautiful balloon and Pocoyo and Pato want to play with it. They promise to look after it but almost immediately it flies away into the sky and they have to get it back.
  12. The Silence Challenge – Pocoyo, Pato, and Elly challenge the Narrator to a game where he must keep quiet.
  13. Overprotective Roberto – When Roberto sees Nina get a scrape while playing, he becomes so worried that he decides to protect her at all costs.
  14. Pocoyo's Car – Pocoyo decides that he no longer needs any of his old toys, but has second thoughts when he sees Nina riding on his old car.
  15. Inventions – Pocoyo and Nina have promised to help their friends, however they find out that Pato is organising a party. Eager to be done as soon as possible, Pocoyo and Nina come up with some crazy inventions to save time.
  16. My Hero – After Pocoyo rescues Caterpillar from a hole, she starts to idolise him.
  17. The Rescue – Pocoyo discovers that Caterpillar is stuck at the top of a tree and he, Pato, and Elly try to get her down.
  18. Pocoyo's Friend – Pocoyo is having plenty of fun playing with an invisible friend.
  19. Elly's Picnic – Elly organises a picnic with her friends, where each must bring something. Everything is going fine until they find out that Nina brought ants and they must get rid of them before they eat all the food.
  20. Nina Discovers the World – Walking along Pocoyo's World, Nina gradually discovers new objects with Pocoyo's help.
  21. The Remote Control – Pocoyo and Pato want to see different TV programs and start a terrible struggle over the remote control. In the midst of the chaos and extreme zapping, Pocoyo discovers that the remote does not only change the TV channel.
  22. The Tennis Racket – Elly is excited to play tennis with Pato and Pocoyo, but the problem starts when Elly finds out that Pato and Pocoyo's idea of tennis does not match the game's rules.
  23. Nina The Dog Trainer – Nina adores Loula and wants to spend the afternoon with her, but Pocoyo warns her that taking care of a dog is a huge responsibility.
  24. Prank Day – Pocoyo is very excited on Prank Day, and plays pranks on everyone, including the Narrator.
  25. I Don't Want to Go to Sleep – It's late and everyone has gone to bed to sleep except for Pocoyo, who prefers to continue playing with his cars, with the ball or with the blocks.
  26. Winter Games – There has been a big snowfall and Pocoyo is getting ready to compete in the Winter Games with his friends.
  27. Dragon Island – Pocoyo, Elly and Pato embark on a great adventure to the Canary Islands in order to find a mythical dragon that lives in the area. (This episode features a hybrid animation between 3D and real shots)

Specials (since 2016)

  1. Crazy Inventions (Halloween special 2016) – After another invention of Pocoyo’s goes awry, he and Elly venture inside it to rescue their test subject, Pato after the machine suffers from a virus.
  2. Easter Eggs (Easter special 2017) – Elly starts an easter egg hunt after she created a machine that decorates chocolate eggs but she mistakes Sleepy Bird’s egg for an easter egg and her friends go on a rampage trying to catch it.
  3. Pocoyo and Nina's Terror Show (Halloween special 2017) – Pocoyo and Nina put on a spooky puppet show for their friends but end up looking funny to them. Their party however is short-lived when a group of mariachi skeletons takeover the show and scare the others.
  4. Nina's Easter Day (Easter special 2018) – Nina and Roberto steal Pocoyo, Pato and Elly’s easter eggs thinking they have little chicks in them like normal eggs causing them to chase after Nina.
  5. The Big Soccer Match (FIFA Soccer World Cup 2018 special) – After she was rejected by Pocoyo’s soccer team, Nina is trained by Roberto and she learned everything there is to learn about soccer she starts her own soccer team to dominate Pocoyo.
  6. Pocoyo and the Haunted House (Halloween special 2018) – Pocoyo and Pato visit a haunted house for trick-or-treat but as they go in Pato becomes scared of everything so Pocoyo shows him there’s nothing to be scared of.
  7. You Are Welcome for Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving Special 2018) – It’s Thanksgiving but after Fred teaches Pocoyo and Nina how to give thanks, they take advantage of it as they tick Pato off by saying “Thank you!” constantly.
  8. Pocoyo's Christmas Carol (Christmas special 2018) – Pocoyo and Pato squash over a ball so Elly commands the 3 Ghosts of Christmas to teach Pocoyo and Pato the true meaning of that holiday.
  9. The Easter Rabbit (Easter special 2019) – Pocoyo, Nina and Pato have gotten their eggs stolen by the easter rabbit who has hid them in three different locations but Pato gets mad when everyone finds their egg except for him.
  10. Halloween Potion (Halloween Special 2019) – Pocoyo, Pato and Caterpillar drink Elly’s pumpkin soup but everytime Caterpillar drinks it she turns into a monster and only Pato witnesses it as no else believes him.
  11. A Very Special Guest (Christmas Special 2019) – While searching for lost ornaments, Pocoyo and Loula meet a yeti named Yanko and invites him to his friend’s christmas dinner but they later reject him because there scared of him so Pocoyo shows them he’s not as scary as he looks.
  12. Caterpillar's Egg (Easter Special 2020) – Pocoyo and his friends have an easter egg hunt but Elly can’t find Caterpillar’s egg.
  13. The Reflection (Halloween Special 2020 I) – Pocoyo (in his witch costume) unknowingly casts a spell on his mirror causing his witch persona reflection to escape and wrecks havoc in Pocoyo World by stealing people’s candy.
  14. Elly's Wand (Halloween Special 2020 II) – Witch Elly and her apprentices are making a potion but when she tells Pocoyo and Pato to watch her wand while she’s away, the boys end up losing it and it falls into the hands of Caterpillar who unknowingly uses it in life-threatening ways.
  15. Space Christmas (Christmas Special 2020 I) – Pocoyo and his friends celebrate Christmas with Angry Alien much to his dismay who prefers spending Christmas alone.
  16. Christmas Far from Home (Christmas Special 2020 II) – Pocoyo and his friends visit the South Pole to celebrate Christmas with Yanko but Pato isn’t having a good time as expected.
  17. Easter Eggs Surprise (Easter Special 2021) – After he and his friends’ easter eggs were stolen, Detective Pocoyo returns in favor of searching who stole the eggs.
  18. Pocoyo's World Sports Games (Tokyo 2020 Olympics Special) – Pocoyo is hosting the Pocoyo World Sports Games but isn’t being fair as he’s giving 1st place medals to who ever he wants, leaving the other winners ticked.
  19. Angry Alien's First Halloween (Halloween Special 2021 I) – Angry Alien once again attempts to conquer Pocoyo World but it's Halloween and gets scared by Pocoyo and his friends dressed up.
  20. Pocoyo's Scary Halloween (Halloween Special 2021 II) – Pocoyo hires the Hermanos Chihuahua to scare Pato and Elly but the tables have turned with the two eventually scaring them with their masks.
  21. The Day of the Dead (Day of the Dead Special 2021) - Pato celebrates the Day of the Dead by honoring his deceased grandfather who surprisingly makes an unexpected visit thanks to Nina.
  22. Christmas.. at the Beach – (Christmas Special 2021) – Yanko sets up his table as his parents visit for Christmas dinner but Pocoyo, Pato and Baby Bird force him to celebrate Christmas with them at the beach.
  23. The Goblin Mask (Halloween Special 2022) – After a night's worth of trick-or-treating, Pocoyo and his friends return to eat the candy but Nina has a Halloween goblin mask who possess her and wrecks havoc in Pocoyo World
  24. Elly's Auntie Phantie (Day of the Dead Special 2022) – Elly has made an alter to honor her deceased aunt, Phantie but Pocoyo and his friends steal the stuff for the alter and turns out mentally they were helping all along.
  25. Christmas Stakeout (Christmas Special 2022) – Pocoyo, Nina and Pato are trying to figuring out who brings the Christmas presents. Pocoyo thinks Santa Claus delivers the presents. Nina thinks the Three Wise Man and their camels give the presents. Pato thinks the Christmas Gift-Giver Robot deliver them. The trio set up traps to catch their suspects.
  26. Egg-cellent Friends (Easter Special 2023) - While Pocoyo and Pato are searching for easter eggs, they discover a huge slide that turns Pato and later Elly into eggs. Pocoyo tries to figure out how to revert them to normal.

Webisodes (2019–2023)

  1. Space Holidays – (21 Jun 2019) – Elly goes on a space vacation with Pato & Pocoyo. But Pocoyo is in an argument with Pato; as Pocoyo wants to go to the mountains & Pato wants to go to the beach.
  2. Back to School – (23 Aug 2019) – Everyone is excited to go back to school except for Pocoyo.
  3. World Domination on Ice (13 Dec 2019) – Angry Alien once again plans to take over Pocoyo's World. but again, his plan backfires thanks to all the snow.
  4. Dinosaurs – (17 April 2020) – Pocoyo, Pato, & Elly are playing dinosaurs with each other, but the noise they cause is bothering Sleepy Bird in her nap time.
  5. Formula Pato – (26 June 2020) – Pato has ordered an engine and also brings his car to life in order for him to win the race. However, the car's playful personality backfires Pato's desire to win the race. (Note: This episode is a promotion to Pocoyo Racing for the mobile.)
  6. The Colouring Book – (4 September 2020) – Pocoyo is reading a book about colours, where the colour of every thing changes into the same colour the book's showing. However, as Elly & Pato come in, they later start fighting over the book where things go horribly wrong. (Note: This episode is a promotion to the release of Pocoyo Colors App.)
  7. The Ball Orchestra's Party – (25 September 2020) Pocoyo, Pato, & Elly have been invited to the Ball Orchestra's party, but they have to solve some puzzles for them to go there.
  8. The Videogame Party – (16 April 2021) – Pocoyo and his friends prepare a party to celebrate spring, but Angry Alien plans to ruin the party but it backfires. However, he manages to steal the party invitations. (Note: This episode is a promotion and follow up to Pocoyo Party for the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch.)
  9. The Treasure Hunt – (30 July 2021) – Pocoyo, Pato and Elly team up to find a pirate treasure at the bottom of the sea.
  10. Yanko's First Day – (13 August 2021) – It is Yanko's 1st day in school, but he feels nervous.
  11. The Top Hat – (21 January 2022) – Fred arrives late for his show and in his haste he drops his magic hat. As Pocoyo and Pato find Fred's lost hat, they play with it, but soon find out that the not only the hat does magic but magically transports them from different worlds.
  12. The Universe-Changing Remote – (25 February 2022) Pocoyo and Pato find a remote control with a red button. Every time they press it, they change some physical law of the universe. However, the remote control is one of Angry Alien's inventions for world domination in the Pocoyo world.
  13. The Bee – (18 March 2022) – On a beautiful spring day, Pocoyo, Pato and Elly are playing ball. But when they go to retrieve it as Pocoyo hits the ball out of bounds, they meet a bee and try to run away from it.
  14. What is a Cow? – (22 April 2022)- Pocoyo, Elly and Pato find a chick. He is very sad because he is lost, and his friend Lola, a cow, is worried. Pocoyo and his friends try to help the chick find her friend, but first, they will have to learn what a cow is.
  15. All Aboard the Train – (27 May 2022) – Pato, Elly, and everyone else go on a train ride whereas Pocoyo is a conductor.
  16. Fireman Pato – (17 June 2022) – Pocoyo and Elly are repairing the Vamoosh when Loula gets stuck inside. Luckily Fireman Pato is able to free Loula. However, trying to help his other friends like Caterpillar, Fred and the Ball Orchestra is harder than it looks for Pato.
  17. A Viking Adventure – (8 July 2022) – Pocoyo, Pato, and Elly go on a sea sailing adventure as Vikings as they encounter certain obstacles to face the Kraken (Fred the Octopus).
  18. The Juices – (12 August 2022) – Elly has made purple juices from red and blue fruits and her guests enjoy them, but as Pocoyo and Pato come to help, they play around to mix other types of fruit to create other colors for the juice, rather than follow the directions Elly gave them to create purple juice from the exact fruits.
  19. The Unicorn – (23 September 2022) Pocoyo, Pato, Elly, and Nina are drawing animals when Nina draws a Unicorn. However, as unicorns are Nina's favorite "animal", she wants to find one to prove its existence, even Pocoyo and the others don't believe so.
  20. The Big Little Race – (3 March 2023) Pocoyo, Pato, and Elly are doing a race and then joined by Angry Alien. However, Angry Alien decides to cheat in order to win the race.
  21. Pocoyo's Farm – (14 April 2023) Pocoyo has a job in a farm and has a trumpet (or a chick charmer) to lure in the chicks. However as his black sheep escaped, Pocoyo left the trumpet at the top on a barrel and told the narrator to keep watch on it in order to catch it. But the narrator failed to stop Nina who came along with Roberto as she played around the trumpet without knowing what it is used for, causing more havoc around the farm by a stampede of chicks chasing after her.
  22. A Surprising Birthday – (28 April 2023) It is Pocoyo's birthday and Pato, Elly, Nina, & Roberto are there to celebrate. However, they argue over which gift is better.
  23. Another Key?! – (12 May 2023) The sequel episode of the Season 1 episode "The Key To It All". Pocoyo goes into an adventure again to go to treasure island and find treasure. But this time, the key unlocks different paths and Nina went with him as she found the key.
  24. The Big Match – (19 May 2023) It's a game of soccer and Team "Los Patos" is in a match, facing Team "Elly's United FC". Though, as Pocoyo from Elly's Team plays, he improperly didn't follow the rules of soccer and doesn't show any good sportsmanship to others, frustrating Referee Fred. (Note: This episode was originally uploaded as an HBO Max exclusive during 2021).
  25. King Yeti – (16 June 2023) The sequel episode of the short film "Pocoyo and the League of Extraordinary Super Friends". This time, Angry Alien has made a helmet that turns anyone to monsters. Using that device onto Yanko and uses him as a King Kong like monster to destroy the city once again, Pocoyo and his Extraordinary Super Friends has to find a way to stop Angry Alien and save Yanko back to his normal self.
  26. The Mystery of the Missing Pato – (17 July 2023) Another sequel episode of the Season 1 episode "The Key To It All". Pato went missing while he was building blocks with Pocoyo. As he found a key that is used from The Key To It All from his hat, he and Elly has to find the missing parts of Pato that are inside of each different eggs as well as travelling into different areas.
  27. Pocoyo the Policeman – (11 August 2023) Pocoyo became a policeman like in the comics. But he took the job too seriously.


United Kingdom

On September 11, 2007, Granada International pre-sold the first and second series to Five's Milkshake! strand. This deal meant that while the CITV Channel could still air the series, they could not air it within Milkshake!'s airtime.[23]


In June 2006, TVE2 and Boomerang acquired free and pay-TV rights respectively to the series from Zinkia.[24] The first series premiered on TVE2 in October 2006.[25] The second series premiered on the network in April 2008.[26] The third series, Let's Go Pocoyo began airing in 2010.

In October 2017, Clan acquired the TV rights to the fourth series.[27]


In April 2005, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation became the first international broadcaster to acquire the series.[28] In October, Granada pre-sold the series to Treehouse TV (Canada), Disney Channel (Southeast Asia), TVNZ (New Zealand), CYBC (Cyprus) Gulf DTH/Showtime and MBC (Middle East), IBC (Iceland), EBS (South Korea), Alter Channel (Greece), RTFBH (Bosnia), RTV (Slovenia), BabyTV (Israel) and the ABC (Australia). At the time, deals were current underway for Germany, Japan, Finland, Sweden, France and Hong Kong.[29]

In March 2006, Nickelodeon acquired French broadcast rights.[30] This was followed up in May with Granada pre-selling the series to KiKA (Germany), Discovery Kids (Latin America), WOWOW (Japan) and MNET (South Africa), and Zinkia selling Portuguese rights to RTP in June.[31] In October, Granada pre-sold the pay TV rights to the series to Disney Channel Scandivania, while Yle acquired free-TV rights to the first series in Finland.[32]

In April 2008, Zinkia pre-sold Mexican broadcast rights to Grupo Televisa.

In 2010, the series entered Italy when Zinkia sold broadcast rights to Rai 2 in March[33] and the United States in April when ITV Global Entertainment sold the series to the Nick Jr. Channel for broadcast within the spring. In the US, the series was originally shown as 7-minute segments between shows before being expanded to a half-hour show from July 23, 2011, to January 1, 2015. Currently, episodes of the show were made available on the Noggin app. Episodes of "Pocoyo Planet" are also currently on the app as well. In end of same year, the series also broadcast on Indonesia and aired by RCTI with Indonesian languages,[34] then it will soon be aired on Mentari TV (a sister channel of Indosiar) in 2024.[35]

Pocoyo aired alongside Peep and the Big Wide World in a shared half-hour timeslot on public television in the US from 2010 to 2021. It was distributed to local PBS stations through American Public Television from January 2010 until January 2018,[36] when it was picked up by PBS Kids 24/7 Channel.

In 2021, the series moved to US commercial broadcast on Cartoon Network on September 13, 2021, as part of their preschool block Cartoonito.[37][38] The show was removed from Cartoonito's lineup on September 23, 2022, and was removed from HBO Max on September 30, 2022. The broadcast of the series on PBS Kids came to an end on December 26, 2021, and it, along with the show it aired with, was replaced with reruns of Dinosaur Train to the 7:30 a.m. weekend morning timeslot.

In other media


Pocoyo & the Space Circus

A special, titled Pocoyo & the Space Circus, aired during the 2008 Christmas season on both La 2 and CITV Channel. It was announced for international distribution by Zinkia and ITV Global Entertainment in March 2009.[39]

The special centers on The Martian Brothers, a pack of 5 aliens from outer space that arrive in Pocoyo's World, hosting a circus. Pocoyo, Elly, and Pato along with Loula join in as well.

Pocoyo and the League of Extraordinary Super Friends (Pocoyo in Cinemas: Your First Movie)

Angry Alien is back and is destroying the city using his U.F.O. So Pocoyo as a super hero and his team of his super friends (Pato, Elly, Nina, & Roberto including Elly's doll) join forces as they have to stop Angry Alien from his evil schemes.

Video games

In October 2007, Zinkia signed a video game publishing deal with Virgin Play for the video game Hello, Pocoyo!, planned for a release on the Nintendo DS in 2008. The game was developed in-house at Zinkia.[40]

The second game, Pocoyo Racing was released for the Nintendo DS and Wii in 2011 being published by Zinkia Entertainment. On April 15, 2021, the third game, Pocoyo Party was released for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch published by RECOTechnology.

Alongside those games various app games have been released based on the franchise.


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