OWL/TV is a Canadian children's educational television series that aired on CBC, from 1985 to 1990,[1] and then later on CTV, from 1990 to 1994. It focused on nature and science discovery, emphasizing to viewers how they can affect their own environment.


Each half-hour program presented cartoon segments mixed with serious themes and contains segments from several recurring themes:

Opening theme

This series' opening theme was performed by voice actress and musician Cree Summer Francks. The lyrics were written by Tim Ryan and music composed by Jonathan Goldsmith.

USA broadcasts

In the United States, PBS and Showtime also aired the series for a short time. Reruns of the series have aired on YTV. A Quebecois French dub of the series also aired as Télé-Hibou on the youth-aimed channel Canal Famille (now Vrak). This series was based on OWL. Funding for the series was initially provided in part by PBS, with the National Audubon Society serving as a co-producer.[1]

British version

A British version was created in 1989 with Michaela Strachan as presenter.[2] The series was made for CITV by Thames Television with repeats on Channel 4. When Thames lost its franchise Channel 4 picked up the rights in 1993 for one last series made by Tetra Films.[3]

This version did use the same opening titles, but unlike the Canadian version, the British version was a straight wildlife programme with no animation segments and most editions were 20 minutes long; however, North American segments were incorporated into the programme.

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