Christian Television Network
TypeTelevision network
BrandingChristian Television Network
United States
AvailabilityUnited States, worldwide (not available in all markets or regions)
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Christian Television Network (CTN) is a non-profit broadcast television network of small owned-and-operated stations (O&O) that broadcasts religious programming. It is based in Largo, Florida (with a mailing address of Clearwater), and the flagship station is WCLF channel 22, which signed on the air in the Tampa Bay region in 1979. It is now available on DirecTV channel 376, Dish Network channel 262, and Glorystar channel 117. It was founded by Robert D'Andrea, who died in January 2022.

Program services

CTN operates three channels:

Stations (by callsign)

All stations are owned and operated by CTN unless specified. Stations indicated by two plus signs ("++") are stations that were signed on by CTN or a CTN subsidiary.

Call letters Channel City and state Notes
WCLF ++ 22 Clearwater/Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida flagship station
KFXB-TV 40 Dubuque/Cedar Rapids/Iowa City/Waterloo, Iowa Was Fox until 2004
WYBU-CD 16 Columbus, Georgia Formerly WCGT
WFGC 61 West Palm Beach, Florida
WGNM 45 Macon, Georgia Carried UPN along with CTN until September 2006
WHBR ++ 33 Pensacola, Florida/Mobile, Alabama
WHTN 39 Murfreesboro/Nashville, Tennessee
WSJN-CD 20 San Juan, Puerto Rico Owned by Senda Educational Broadcasting, operated by CTN
WVQS-LD 50 Isabel Segunda, Puerto Rico Owned by Senda Educational Broadcasting, operated by CTN
WQSJ-CD 48 Quebradillas, Puerto Rico Satellite of WSJN-CD
WELU 34 Aguadilla, Puerto Rico Owned by Senda Educational Broadcasting, operated by CTN
WUSP-LD 25 Ponce, Puerto Rico Daystar affiliate owned by Senda, operated by CTN
WLCN-CD 18 Charleston, South Carolina
WRXY-TV ++ 49 Fort Myers, Florida
WVLR ++ 48 Knoxville, Tennessee
KEEN-CD 17 Las Vegas
WVUP-CD ++ 45 Tallahassee, Florida
WTJR 16 Quincy, Illinois
WHNO 20 New Orleans, Louisiana
KNLJ 25 Jefferson City, Missouri
WLCF-LD 45 Decatur, Illinois
WEPH ++ 49 Tupelo, Mississippi
KQCK 33 Cheyenne, Wyoming Owned by Casa Media Partners, LLC, operated by CTN
KQDK-CD 39 Aurora, Colorado Owned by Casa Media Partners, LLC, operated by CTN
WTNB-CD 27.1 Chattanooga, Tennessee
KWHS-LD 51.1 Colorado Springs, Colorado
KWHB 47.1 Tulsa, Oklahoma
KHLM-LD 12.1 Houston, Texas

Former affiliates (by callsign)

Call letters Channel City and state Current Affiliation
WEJC ++ 20 Lexington/Winston-Salem/Greensboro/High Point, North Carolina Now WCWG, a CW affiliate owned by Hearst Television.
WSWS 66 Opelika, Alabama / Columbus, Georgia Now WGBP-TV, a Lx affiliate owned by CNZ Communications, LLC
WTGL-TV ++ 52 Cocoa / Orlando, Florida Originally the second station established by CTN; now WHLV-TV, a religious station owned by TBN
WIRB 56 Melbourne / Orlando, Florida Owned by CTN from 1996–1997, LMA'd to Paxson Communications (now ION Media Networks); bought by Paxson outright in January 1998; now WOPX, an ION Television affiliate
WKID-TV 51 Fort Lauderdale / Miami, Florida Purchased evening airtime in the late-1970s, before the establishment of WCLF;[1] now WSCV, a Telemundo O&O owned by NBCUniversal


Until 2011, Detroit, Michigan-based WLPC-LD also used the CTN and Christian Television Network names, but was never affiliated or associated with this network; that station has since renamed itself as Impact Network.