Mexicanal 2023
Mexicanal 2023

Mexicanal is a Mexican-based Spanish-language pay television network launched on August 23, 2005 by Castalia Communications and Innokap. The network's studios and broadcast center is based in the Mexican city of San Luis Potosí.


Mexicanal features news, cultural programming, sports and popular entertainment from public broadcasters, independent producers and public access stations throughout Mexico.

Programming on Mexicanal also includes its sports show LMJP “Liga Mexicana de Jaripeo Profesional”, the docuseries “Las Cantinas de Cornelio” among other own productions. In addition, the network showcases top local, national and international news, series, movies and overall entertainment from Mexico.

Other programs include:

Charter, AT&T, Mediacom, DISH, SLING and Comcast offer Mexicanal in their "Spanish-language tier" lineups in the United States.

Mexicanal content

Since 2013 Mexicanal has been creating content:

Mexican affiliates

While Mexicanal creates a limited amount of its own content, almost all of it is sourced from the various state networks, public broadcasters owned by the state governments. A notable exception was 20tv Zacatecas, which is a noncommercial station owned by commercial broadcaster Grupo Radiofónico B-15 until SIZART Canal 24 appeared and became an affiliate.[4]

City or state Station
 Aguascalientes VA+ TV 26.1
 Chiapas Canal Diez Chiapas
 Campeche Televisión y Radio de Campeche
 Mexico City /  State of Mexico Mexiquense TV
 Guanajuato TV CUATRO
 Guerrero Radio y Televisión de Guerrero
 Hidalgo Hidalgo Televisión
 Jalisco Jalisco TV
 Michoacán Sistema Michoacano de Radio y Televisión
 Nuevo León TV Nuevo León
 Oaxaca CORTV
 Puebla Puebla TV
 Querétaro Radio y Televisión Querétaro
 Quintana Roo Sistema Quintanarroense de Comunicación Social
 San Luis Potosí Nueve TV
 Sonora Telemax
 Tabasco TVT Televisión Tabasqueña
 Veracruz TVMÁS
 Yucatán Trecevisión
 Zacatecas SIZART Canal 24


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