Theuderic III
King of the Franks
Detail of a medallion on exterior of Saint-Ouen Abbey, Rouen, representing Saint Audoin, seated on his deathbed, facing Theuderic and the kneeling queen
King in Neustria and Burgundy
PredecessorChlothar III
SuccessorChilderich II
PredecessorChilderic II
SuccessorClovis IV
King in Austrasia
PredecessorDagobert II
SuccessorClovis IV
Bornc. 651
Diedc. 691 (aged 39–40)
IssueClovis IV
Childebert III
Clovis III (?)
FatherClovis II

Theuderic III (also spelled Theuderich, Theoderic or Theodoric; French: Thierry, c. 651[1]–691) was King of the Franks. He ruled Neustria and Burgundy on two occasions (673 and 675–691), as well as Austrasia from 679 to his death in 691.

The son of Clovis II and Balthild,[2] Theuderic has been described as a puppet ruler – a roi fainéant. After the death of his older brother Chlothar III, Ebroin, Mayor of the Palace, appointed him King in Neustria in 673,[2] but Childeric II of Austrasia displaced him soon thereafter. After Childeric II was killed in 675, Theuderic II retook the throne. He fought a war against Dagobert II. His forces under Ebroin were victorious at the Battle of Lucofao.[3] After Dagobert was murdered in 679, Theuderic was also recognized as king in Austrasia as well.

He and the Neustrian mayor of the palace, Waratton, made peace with Pepin of Heristal, mayor of the palace of Austrasia, in 681. However, on Waratton's death in 686, the new mayor, Berchar, made war with Austrasia and Pepin vanquished the Burgundo-Neustrian army under Berchar and Theuderic (a Neustrian) at the Battle of Tertry in 687, thus paving the way for Austrasian dominance of the Frankish state.[4]

Marriage and issue

Theuderic married Chrothildis, a daughter of Ansegisel and Saint Begga of Landen.

They had the following children:

He married Amalberge (Saint Amalaberga) before 674, daughter of Wandregisis and Farahild.


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Theuderic III Merovingian dynastyBorn: 650s Died: 691 Preceded byChlothar III King of the Franks in Neustria and Burgundy 673 Succeeded byChilderic II Preceded byChilderic II King of the Franks in Neustria and Burgundy 675–691 Succeeded byClovis IV Preceded byDagobert II King of the Franks in Austrasia 679–691