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Theuderic IV
King of the Franks
PredecessorChilperic II
SuccessorChilderic III
Bornc. 712
Died737 (aged 24–25)
IssueChilderic III?
FatherDagobert III

Theuderic IV (c. 712 – 737, French, Thierry)[1] was the Merovingian king of the Franks from 721 until his death in 737.[2] He was the son of Dagobert III.[3]

During his reign, his realm was controlled by the mayor of the palace, Charles Martel. The king mostly stayed at Chelles Abbey, then in Château-Thierry.

After his death, the Frankish throne remained vacant for seven years, until Carloman, one of Charles Martel's sons and successors, arranged for Childeric III, the last Merovingian king, to succeed him. Theuderic IV may have been the father of Childeric III, but this remains uncertain. It has also been suggested that Thierry IV of Toulouse was his son.[3]


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Preceded byChlothar IVChilperic II King of the Franks 721–737 Succeeded byinterregnum(until 741)