United States District Court for the Canal Zone
LocationAncon Hill
Appeals toFifth Circuit
AbolishedMarch 31, 1982

The United States District Court for the Canal Zone (in case citations, D.C.Z.) was a United States District Court which existed in the Panama Canal Zone of Panama from 1914 to 1982.

The Canal Zone Courthouse Building at Ancon Hill, site of the Canal Zone District Court which existed from 1914 until 1982.

The court sat at the Courthouse at Ancon Hill from 1914 to 1982, ordered as Governor Residence but completed in 1908 as Administration Building.[1] Today only the shell of the building remains, as the roof and upper floors were demolished with all the remaining floors gutted.

Appeals were taken to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.[2]


The District was established in 1914. It was originally under the War Department but in 1933 was transferred to the Department of Justice.[3]

The court was abolished, effective March 31, 1982, as part of the process of returning the Canal Zone to Panama.[4] Cases then pending in the Canal Zone court were transferred to the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana in New Orleans.


# Judge State Born–died Active service Chief Judge Senior status Appointed by Reason for
1 William H. Jackson NY 1864–1938 1914–1918 Wilson term expiration
2 John W. Hanan IN 1860–1931 1918–1921 Wilson resignation
3 Charles Kerr KY 1863–1950 1921–1922 Harding resignation
4 John D. Wallingford IN 1869–1924 1922–1924 Harding death
5 Guy H. Martin ID 1866–1933 1924–1929 Coolidge term expiration
6 James J. Lenihan IA 1887–1962 1929–1933 Coolidge resignation
7 Richard C. P. Thomas KY 1872–1939 1933–1937 F. Roosevelt term expiration
8 Charles Harwood NY 1880–1950 1937–1938 F. Roosevelt resignation
9 Bunk Gardner KY 1875–1950 1938–1948 F. Roosevelt retirement
10 Joseph J. Hancock KY 1886–1980 1948–1952 Truman resignation
11 Guthrie F. Crowe KY 1910–2010 1952–1977 Eisenhower retirement
12 Robert H. McFarland MS 1919–2008 1978–1979 Carter resignation

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