Plaza Bolivar y Bello in IVIC

The Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research (IVIC), or Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Cientificas, is a scientific research institute and graduate training center in Venezuela founded by government decree on February 9, 1959. It has its origins in the Venezuelan Institute of Neurology and Brain Research ('IVNIC', In Spanish: Instituto Venezolano de Neurología e Investigaciones Cerebrales), which Humberto Fernandez-Moran founded in 1955.

The center has the Marcel Roche Library, recognized in 1996 by UNESCO as being "the best Regional Library for Science and Technology".[citation needed]

The headquarters of the IVIC is located near San Antonio de los Altos, in Altos de Pipe, Miranda State. The grounds cover 832-acre headquarters, where are the scientific and academic facilities, residences for researchers, students and staff, storeroom, dining, administration and service area, library, etc. Within this area there are some pockets of tropical cloud forest and a couple of streams. IVIC is currently in the process of regionalization, of which there have been two sub-regional headquarters in Mérida and Zulia states.[citation needed]

Also have a Scientific Research Station near Higuerote, Miranda State.[citation needed]

Sergio Arias Cazorla and his colleagues, who worked as human geneticists in the institute, discovered Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciónes Científicas syndrome.


It is composed of the worker staff, the "rank" (scientific) staff, the administrative staff (secretaries, dean, etc.) and students.


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