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Welcome Freshmen
Also known asSchool Students
Created byRobert Mittenthal
Directed by
  • Scott Fishman
  • Tim Hill
  • Adam Weissman
  • Michael Berry
  • Ron Smith
  • Bob Lampel
  • Helen Smith
  • Rick Galloway
  • Chris Lobban
  • David Rhoden (1991–92)
  • Jill Setter (1991–92)
  • Jocelyn Steiner
  • Mike Speller
  • Arian Ash (1992-93)
  • Brock Bradley (1992-93)
  • Nicholas Caruso (1992-93)
Theme music composerPeter Lauer
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons4
No. of episodes52
Executive producers
  • Robert Mittenthal
  • Tim Hill
  • Andy Bamberger (1991)
  • Geoffrey Darby (1991)
  • Brown Johnson (1991)
  • Woody Fraser
  • Angelika Bartenbach-Kidd
  • Lisa Tauger
  • Maureen Badger Schultz
Production locationsNickelodeon Studios, Universal Studios
Orlando, Florida
Running time30 minutes
Original networkNickelodeon
Original releaseFebruary 16, 1991 (1991-02-16) –
February 19, 1994 (1994-02-19)

Welcome Freshmen is an American comedy series that aired on Nickelodeon from February 16, 1991, to February 19, 1994. The show took place at Hawthorne High School with a group of high school students and a bumbling vice principal.

Seasons 1 and 2

The earlier episodes of the series consisted of comedy sketches that loosely followed a theme. Some of the comedy routines involved a tortoise named Mortise teaching children about safety, a historian named Mr. History who talks about past generations of freshmen, the bumbling, freshman-hating, vice-principal Mr. Lippman imagining himself as a stand-up comedian telling really bad old jokes that insult freshmen, and a student named Billy Cushman who, though his appearance was occasional, provided not only a good example of how not to behave but also a good example of flatulence.

Each episode had two or three short skits about the gang's misadventures in high school.

Recurring skits

Season 3

In the later episodes, the sketch comedy format was abandoned and Welcome Freshmen became a standard sitcom.

In the third season, except Walter who flunked and was held behind, Merv and Tara left. Merv skipped the rest of high school, going straight to college. Tara and her family moved to a biosphere. New characters came in: Manny, Erin and Grant, who was Erin's older brother and soon became Alex's boyfriend. Eventually, Walter moves up as the teachers all threatened to quit if they had him another year.


The show's first television pilot was filmed in May 1990, featuring a group of local actors in the main roles, among them was future Backstreet Boys member Howie Dorough.[1] After the success of the pilot, the show was picked up, but the roles were recast, according to series creator Bob Mittenthal: "Those kids did a good job, the proof is that the show was picked up as a series, but research told Nickelodeon it needed better-defined characters".[2]




Series overview

SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
113February 16, 1991 (1991-02-16)May 11, 1991 (1991-05-11)
213May 9, 1992 (1992-05-09)August 1, 1992 (1992-08-01)
323January 2, 1993 (1993-01-02)February 19, 1994 (1994-02-19)


Season 1 (1991)

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No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
11"How We Look"Scott FishmanRobert Mittenthal & Tim HillJanuary 6, 1991 (1991-01-06)
22"Extra-Curricular Activities"Scott FishmanRobert Mittenthal & Tim Hill1991 (1991)
33"Express Yourself"Scott FishmanRobert Mittenthal & Tim Hill1991 (1991)
44"Technology"Scott FishmanRobert Mittenthal & Tim Hill1991 (1991)
55"Careers In The Making"Scott FishmanRobert Mittenthal & Tim Hill1991 (1991)
66"Language"Scott FishmanRobert Mittenthal & Tim Hill1991 (1991)
77"What We Eat"Scott FishmanRobert Mittenthal & Tim Hill1991 (1991)
88"Getting Even"Scott FishmanRobert Mittenthal & Tim Hill1991 (1991)
99"Growing Up"Scott FishmanRobert Mittenthal & Tim Hill1991 (1991)
1010"Authority"Scott FishmanRobert Mittenthal & Tim Hill1991 (1991)
1111"Mind Games"Scott FishmanRobert Mittenthal & Tim Hill1991 (1991)
1212"Money"Scott FishmanRobert Mittenthal & Tim Hill1991 (1991)
1313"Knowledge Is Power"Scott FishmanRobert Mittenthal & Tim Hill1991 (1991)

Season 2 (1992)

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No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
141"Success"Tim HillRobert Mittenthal & Tim Hill1992 (1992)
152"Dating"Tim HillRobert Mittenthal & Tim Hill1992 (1992)
163"Bullies"Tim HillRobert Mittenthal & Tim Hill1992 (1992)
174"Competition"Tim HillRobert Mittenthal & Tim Hill1992 (1992)
185"Ecology"Tim HillRobert Mittenthal & Tim Hill1992 (1992)
196"Secrets"Tim HillRobert Mittenthal & Tim Hill1992 (1992)
207"Holidays"Tim HillRobert Mittenthal & Tim Hill1992 (1992)
218"Health"Tim HillRobert Mittenthal & Tim Hill1992 (1992)
229"The Grass Is Always Greener"Tim HillRobert Mittenthal & Tim Hill1992 (1992)
2310"Choices"Tim HillRobert Mittenthal & Tim Hill1992 (1992)
2411"Conformity"Tim HillRobert Mittenthal & Tim Hill1992 (1992)
2512"Communication"Tim HillRobert Mittenthal & Tim Hill1992 (1992)
2613"Friends"Tim HillRobert Mittenthal & Tim Hill1992 (1992)

Season 3 (1993)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
271"Things Change"Michael BerryTim HillJanuary 2, 1993 (1993-01-02)
Kevin and Alex are newcomers with Erin and Manny; Walter is held back.
282"The Harvest Ball"Michael BerryGena Van WinkleJanuary 9, 1993 (1993-01-09)
All look forward to the Harvest Ball.
293"To Walter's Dad with Love"Michael BerryMichael RubinerJanuary 16, 1993 (1993-01-16)
Walter's dad is his teacher.
304"The People vs. Walter"Ron SmithRob DinsmoorJanuary 23, 1993 (1993-01-23)
Lippman's portrait is vandalized, and Walter is blamed.
315"Othello the (Sopho)moor"Ron SmithAnne BernsteinJanuary 30, 1993 (1993-01-30)
Lippman is Iago in the school's "Othello".
326"Shiny Top"Bob LampelDavid PotortiFebruary 6, 1993 (1993-02-06)
Lippmann is taken for archcriminal Shiny Top.
337"I'm Dead"Ron SmithClifford FaginFebruary 13, 1993 (1993-02-13)
A senior wants to beat up Walter.
348"Manny in Love"Bob LampelVeronica AlicinoFebruary 20, 1993 (1993-02-20)
Manny has a crush on his baby sitter.
359"Requiem for a Lightweight"Bob LampelAlan LevyFebruary 27, 1993 (1993-02-27)
Erin wants to wrestle; Lippman breaks a chain letter.
3610"The Lippdromeda Strain"Adam WeissmanHoward Nemetz, Simon Rakoff, Tim Hill & Michael RubinerJuly 3, 1993 (1993-07-03)
The kids are quarantined at school.
3711"Hawthorne Confidential"Adam WeissmanRob DinsmoorJuly 10, 1993 (1993-07-10)
Alex uses gossip in a journalism class documentary.
3812"Erin for Office"Adam WeissmanGena Van WinkleJuly 17, 1993 (1993-07-17)
Erin runs for student-body president.
3913"Looking for Mr. Goodwrench"TBDTBD1993 (1993)
Walter crashes into Lippman's car.
4014"What Rhymes with Liar"Helen SmithRobert LeightonJuly 31, 1993 (1993-07-31)
Kevin says he knows a star (Shanice Wilson).

Season 4 (1993–94)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
411"Math, Lies, & Videotape"Tim HillMichael Rubiner1993 (1993)
Erin helps Walter study; Kevin tries to cheat.
422"Drawn and Quoted"Tim HillStory by : Robert Leighton
Teleplay by : Rob Dinsmoor
1993 (1993)
Walter is a cartoonist for the school paper.
433"The Genius"Tim HillStory by : Robert Leighton
Teleplay by : Anne Bernstein
1993 (1993)
A child prodigy may attend Hawthorne.
444"The Stuff"Adam WeissmanRobert Leighton1994 (1994)
A science-class mishap results in a revolutionary glue.
455"Marathon Woman"Adam WeissmanStory by : Michael Rubiner & Jed Spingarn
Teleplay by : Jed Spingarn
1994 (1994)
Kevin coaxes Samantha to be his dance-marathon partner.
466"Reachin' for the Star"Adam WeissmanStory by : Veronica Alicino & Michael Rubiner
Teleplay by : Veronica Alicino
1994 (1994)
Talent scouts come to Hawthorne High.
477"The Courtship of Walter's Father"Adam WeissmanJay Martel1994 (1994)
His father falls for Walter's least-favorite teacher.
488"Safety Last"Adam WeissmanTom Wargo1994 (1994)
Hawthorne must pass a safety inspection or close.
499"Seeds of Destruction"TBDTBD1994 (1994)
Erin insults Mr. Lippman
5010"Rainy Day Women"TBDTBD1994 (1994)
Walter and Kevin vie for a girl's attention
5111"Getting What You Want"Adam WeissmanTim Hill1994 (1994)
Mr.Lippman's philosophy: karma by points
5212"Year's End"Adam WeissmanTim Hill1994 (1994)
The gang makes summer plans.


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