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The Wildlife Institute of India (WII), an autonomous natural resource service institution under the Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate change, Government of India, was established in 1982.[1] WII carries out wildlife research in areas of study like Biodiversity, Endangered Species, Wildlife Policy, Wildlife Management, Wildlife Forensics, Spatial Modeling, Ecodevelopment, Ecotoxicology, Habitat Ecology and Climate Change. WII has a research facility which includes Forensics, Remote Sensing and GIS, Laboratory, Herbarium, and an Electronic Library.[2] The founder director was V. B. Saharia while the first Director was Hemendra Singh Panwar who remained the director from 1985 to 1994. Trained personnel from WII have contributed in studying and protecting wildlife in India. The national tiger census or the All India Tiger Estimation, is done by WII along with NTCA and state forest departments.

The institute is based in Dehradun, India. It is located in Chandrabani, which is close to the southern forests of Dehradun. The campus is 180 acre's, from which 100 acre's is in wilderness and 80 acre's is operational facilities. It is close to Rajaji National Park. The training of the direct recruits of the India Forest Service Officers and also those who are recruited as the State Forest Officers is done here itself.


The current director of Wildlife Institute of India is Dhananjai Mohan who was appointed in December 2019[3]. He was formerly Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Planning and Financial Management and Chairman of State Biodiversity Board in Uttarakhand.[4]

Previous directors included:

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