1912 Summer Olympics medals
LocationStockholm,  Sweden
Most gold medals United States (25)
Most total medals Sweden (65)
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The 1912 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the V Olympiad, were an international multi-sport event held in Stockholm, Sweden, between 5 May and 27 July 1912. Twenty-eight nations and 2,408 competitors, including 48 women, competed in 102 events in 14 sports.

Medal table

Finnish javelin throwers: Urho Peltonen, Julius Saaristo and Väinö Siikaniemi
Fanny Durack and Mina Wylie, the gold and silver medallists in the first women's individual swimming event

The ranking in this table is based on information provided by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and is consistent with IOC convention in its published medal tables. By default, the table is ordered by the number of gold medals the athletes from a National Olympic Committee have won (a nation is represented at a Games by the associated National Olympic Committee). The number of silver medals is taken into consideration next and then the number of bronze medals. If NOCs are still tied, equal ranking is given and they are listed alphabetically by IOC country code.

  Host country (Sweden)

1 United States25191963
2 Sweden*23251765
3 Great Britain10151641
4 Finland98926
5 France74314
6 Germany513725
7 South Africa4206
8 Norway32510
9 Canada3238
11 Italy3126
12 Australasia2237
13 Belgium2136
14 Denmark16512
15 Greece1012
16 Russian Empire0235
17 Austria0224
18 Netherlands0033
Totals (18 entries)101106104311

Changes in medal standings

Jim Thorpe, the winner of the pentathlon and decathlon events, was subsequently disqualified for professionalism. The athletes ranking 2nd through 4th were upgraded to 1st through 3rd. In 1982, Jim Thorpe was reinstated as a co-winner in both events. In 2022, after gaining approval from the affected national Olympic committees of Norway and Sweden, Thorpe's co-winners were downgraded to joint silver medalists in the respective events.[1]

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