The following are the baseball events of the year 1925 throughout the world.


NNL Championship Series World Series
ECL Hilldale Club 5
NNL1 Kansas City 4 NNL Kansas City 1
NNL2 St. Louis 3

Awards and honors

Statistical leaders

American League National League Negro National League Eastern Colored League
Stat Player Total Player Total Player Total Player Total
AVG Harry Heilmann (DET) .393 Rogers Hornsby1 (SLC) .403 Edgar Wesley (DES) .404 Oscar Charleston2 (HBG) .427
HR Bob Meusel (NYY) 33 Rogers Hornsby1 (SLC) 39 Turkey Stearnes (DES) 19 Oscar Charleston2 (HBG) 20
RBI Harry Heilmann (DET)
Bob Meusel (NYY)
134 Rogers Hornsby1 (SLC) 143 Turkey Stearnes (DES) 126 Oscar Charleston2 (HBG) 97
Wins Ted Lyons (CWS)
Eddie Rommel (PHA)
21 Dazzy Vance (BKN) 22 Roosevelt Davis (SLS) 16 Nip Winters (HIL) 17
ERA Stan Coveleski (WSH) 2.84 Dolf Luque (CIN) 2.63 Bill Foster (BIR/CAG) 1.62 George Britt (BAL) 3.01
K Lefty Grove (PHA) 116 Dazzy Vance (BKN) 221 Bullet Rogan (KC) 96 Rats Henderson (AC) 125

1 National League Triple Crown batting winner
2 Eastern Colored League Triple Crown batting winner

Major league baseball final standings

Negro leagues final standings

All Negro leagues standings below are per Seamheads.[1]

Negro National League final standings

This was the sixth season of the first Negro National League. This was the first season in which a playoff was held to determine the pennant, for which the first half leader would be matched against the second half winner. Kansas City won the first half while St. Louis won the second half. As such, they met for a best-of-seven Championship Series. Kansas City would win the series in seven games to win their first pennant.[2][3]

Eastern Colored League final standings

This was the third of six seasons for the Eastern Colored League. According to the Center for Negro League Baseball Research, it was common practice for the teams in the league to all play a different number of games during the season. The Wilmington Potomacs dropped out of the league in July 1925. Hilldale Club faced the Kansas City Monarchs in the second overall Colored World Series.[4][5]

Independent teams final standings

The Homestead Grays were not a part of any league but were considered major-league tier.

vs. All Teams
Independent Clubs W L T Pct. GB
Homestead Grays 2 1 0 .667























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