1946 Montenegrin Constitutional Assembly election

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  First party
Leader Blažo Jovanović
Party Communist Party & aligned Independents
Seats won
125 / 125

Prime Minister before election

Blažo Jovanović
Communist Party

Subsequent Prime Minister

Blažo Jovanović
Communist Party

Constitutional Assembly elections were held in the Socialist Republic of Montenegro on 3 November 1946.[1] They were the first elections in Montenegro in which women had the right to vote, and three women were elected to the Assembly; Lidija Jovanović, Dobrila Ojdanić and Draginja Vušović.[1]


After Montenegro became part Yugoslavia following World War I, the Montenegrin parliament was abolished. During World War II, a Montenegrin legislature was revived when the State Anti-fascist Council for the National Liberation of Montenegro and Boka was established. This became the Montenegrin Anti-Fascist Assembly of National Liberation (CASNO) in 1944.

On 15 April 1945 the CASNO was renamed the Montenegrin National Assembly, before it became the National Assembly on 15 February 1946.[2]


After adopting the new constitution of the People's Republic of Montenegro, the Assembly was converted into a National Assembly, which served out the parliamentary term until the 1950.[1]

Petar Komnenić was the President of the Assembly until 1949, when he was replaced by Đuro Čagorović.[1]


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