President of
Standard of the president of Montenegro
Jakov Milatović
since 20 May 2023
ResidenceBlue Palace, Cetinje
Term lengthFive years, renewable once
Inaugural holderMilo Đukanović
Salary33,440 USD annually[1]

The President of Montenegro (Montenegrin: Predsjednik Crne Gore / Предсједник Црне Горе) is the head of state of Montenegro. The current president is Jakov Milatović since 20 May 2023. The official residence of the president is the Dom Revolucije in Nikšić.

The President is constitutionally limited to two five-year terms of office. A candidate must be a citizen of Montenegro and have lived there for at least ten of the prior fifteen years.[2]


According to the Constitution of Montenegro, Article 97:

The President of Montenegro shall be elected for the period of five years.
The same person may be elected the President of Montenegro in two terms.
The President of Montenegro shall assume the duty on the date of taking an oath before the Members of the Parliament.
If the mandate of the President expires during the state of war or the state of emergency, the mandate shall be extended for maximum 90 days after the end of circumstances that have caused that state.
The President of Montenegro shall not perform any other public duty.


The Blue Palace in Cetinje, the official seat of the President of Montenegro.
The "Jadranka" presidential yacht

According to the Constitution of Montenegro, Article 95, the president of Montenegro:

  1. Represents Montenegro in the country and abroad;
  2. Commands over the Army on the basis of the decisions of the Defense and Security Council;
  3. Proclaims laws by Ordinance;
  4. Calls for the elections for the Parliament;
  5. Proposes to the Parliament: candidate for the prime minister, after consultations with the representatives of the political parties represented in the Parliament; president and judges of the Constitutional Court; protector of human rights and liberties;
  6. Appoints and revokes ambassadors and heads of other diplomatic missions of Montenegro abroad, at the proposal of the Government and after obtaining the opinion of the Parliamentary Committee responsible for international relations;
  7. Accepts letters of accreditation and revocation of the foreign diplomats;
  8. Awards medals and honors of Montenegro;
  9. Grants amnesty;
  10. Performs other tasks stipulated by the Constitution or the law.


According to the Constitution of Montenegro, Article 99, in the case of cessation of mandate of the president of Montenegro, until the election of the new president, as well as in the case of temporary impediment of the president to discharge his/her duties, the president of the Parliament of Montenegro shall discharge this duty.

Promulgation of laws

According to the Constitution of Montenegro, Article 94, the president of Montenegro shall proclaim the law within seven days from the day of adoption of the law, that is, within three days if the law has been adopted under a speedy procedure or send the law back to the Parliament for new decision-making process. The President of Montenegro shall proclaim the re-adopted law.


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Latest elections

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CandidatePartyFirst roundSecond round
Jakov MilatovićEurope Now!97,86728.92221,59258.88
Milo ĐukanovićDemocratic Party of Socialists119,68535.37154,76941.12
Andrija MandićDemocratic Front65,39319.32
Aleksa BečićDemocratic Montenegro37,56211.10
Draginja VuksanovićSocial Democratic Party10,6693.15
Goran DanilovićUnited Montenegro4,6591.38
Jovan RadulovićIndependent2,5740.76
Valid votes338,40997.43376,36198.97
Invalid/blank votes8,9242.573,9201.03
Total votes347,333100.00380,281100.00
Registered voters/turnout542,15464.07542,15470.14
Source: State Electoral Commission,[3] Radio and Television of Montenegro[4]


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