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List of years in television (table)
In radio

The year 1952 in television involved some significant events. Below is a list of television-related events during 1952.




Ending during 1952

Date Show Debut
February 23 A Date with Judy (daytime version) 1951
March 27 The Bill Goodwin Show
April 11 Faye Emerson's Wonderful Town
April 24 Stop the Music 1949
June 30 Claudia 1952
Unknown Picture Page (UK) 1946


Date Name Notability
January 2 Wendy Phillips Actress (Falcon Crest)
January 3 Jim Ross Professional wrestling commentator
January 12 Walter Mosley Author
January 19 Beau Weaver Voice actor
January 20 Dave Fennoy Voice actor
January 27 Patti Burns Anchor (died 2001)
January 28 Bruce Helford Writer
February 5 Mark Fuhrman Radio host
February 17 Garry Chalk Voice actor
February 19 Sara Moulton Chef and television host
February 29 Sharon Dahlonega Bush Television newscaster
March 2 Laraine Newman Comic actress (Saturday Night Live)
March 4 Ronn Moss Actor, musician (The Bold and the Beautiful)
March 7 Lynn Swann Broadcaster
March 11 Susan Richardson Actress (Eight is Enough)
March 21 Andrew D. Weyman Director
March 22 Bob Costas Sportscaster
April 1 Annette O'Toole Actress (Smallville)
April 5 Mitch Pileggi Actor (The X-Files)
April 6 Marilu Henner Actress (Taxi)
Erin Moriarty American television news reporter
April 16 Billy West Voice actor (Doug, The Ren and Stimpy Show, Futurama)
April 17 Joe Alaskey Actor (died 2016)
April 27 George Gervin NBA basketball player
April 29 Nora Dunn Actress, comedian (Saturday Night Live)
May 2 Christine Baranski Actress (Cybill, The Good Wife)
May 4 Michael Barrymore British comedian, presenter
May 6 Gregg Henry Actor, musician
Michael O'Hare Actor (Babylon 5) (d. 2012)
Fred Newman Actor (Doug, Between the Lions)
May 11 Frances Fisher Actress (The Edge of Night)
May 21 Mr. T Actor (B. A. Baracus on The A-Team)
June 7 Liam Neeson Actor
June 14 Eddie Mekka Actor (Laverne & Shirley)
June 18 Carol Kane Actress (Taxi)
June 20 John Goodman Actor (Roseanne)
July 1 Dan Aykroyd Comic actor (Saturday Night Live)
July 6 Grant Goodeve American actor (Eight is Enough)
July 14 Stan Shaw Actor (Houseguest)
July 15 Terry O'Quinn Actor (Lost)
July 17 David Hasselhoff Actor (Knight Rider, Baywatch)
July 20 Thom Beers Voice actor
July 27 Roxanne Hart Actress (Chicago Hope)
August 1 Brian Patrick Clarke Actor
August 4 Bobby Buntrock Actor (Hazel) (d. 1974)
August 7 Caroline Aaron Actress
August 5 Louis Walshes Irish music manager
August 10 Daniel Hugh Kelly Actor (Hardcastle and McCormick)
August 16 Reginald VelJohnson Actor (Family Matters)
Caitlin O'Heaney Actress (Tales of the Gold Monkey)
August 18 Patrick Swayze Actor / dancer (d. 2009)
August 19 Jonathan Frakes Actor (Star Trek: The Next Generation), director
August 27 Paul Reubens Comic actor (Pee-wee Herman on Pee-wee's Playhouse)
August 29 Deborah Van Valkenburgh Actress (Too Close for Comfort)
September 2 Leslie Cockburn American investigative journalist
September 5 Michael Horton Actor (Murder, She Wrote)
September 9 Angela Cartwright Actress (Make Room for Daddy, Lost in Space)
September 14 Michael Patrick King American director, writer, and producer of television and film
September 25 Christopher Reeve Actor (d. 2004)
Tommy Norden Actor (Flipper)
Toukie Smith Actress (227)
September 27 Gail Edwards Actress (It's a Living, Full House, Blossom)
September 30 John Finn Actor (Cold Case)
October 9 Sharon Osbourne TV personality (The Osbournes, The Talk)
October 14 Harry Anderson Actor (Night Court) (d. 2018)
October 18 Chuck Lorre Television director, writer, producer, composer, and actor
October 20 Melanie Mayron Actress, director (Thirtysomething)
October 22 Jeff Goldblum Actor (Law & Order: Criminal Intent)
October 27 Ted Wass Actor, director (Soap, Blossom)
Michael H. Shamberg Director
October 28 Annie Potts Actress (Designing Women)
October 30 Emily Kuroda Actress (Gilmore Girls)
November 3 Roseanne Barr Actress, comedian (Roseanne)
Jim Cummings Voice actor (The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Darkwing Duck, CatDog)
November 5 Bill Walton NBA basketball player
November 8 Alfre Woodard Actress
November 28 S. Epatha Merkerson Actress (Law & Order)
November 29 Jeff Fahey Actor (The Marshal, Lost)
November 30 Mandy Patinkin Actor (Criminal Minds)
December 3 Benny Hinn Christian televangelist
December 9 Michael Dorn Actor (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
December 10 Susan Dey Actress (The Partridge Family, L.A. Law)
Clive Anderson English presenter
December 12 Sarah Douglas Actress (Falcon Crest)
December 15 Lee Aronsohn American television writer, composer and producer
December 20 Ray Bumatai Actor (Tito Makani on Rocket Power) (d. 2005)
December 25 CCH Pounder Actress (ER, Rocket Power)
December 29 Robert Wightman Actor (The Waltons)


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