3rd Academy Awards
DateNovember 5, 1930
SiteThe Ambassador Hotel
Los Angeles, California
Hosted byConrad Nagel
Best PictureAll Quiet on the Western Front
Most awardsAll Quiet on the Western Front and The Big House (2)
Most nominationsThe Love Parade (6)

The 3rd Academy Awards were held on November 5, 1930 by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), awarding films released between August 1, 1929 and July 31, 1930. AMPAS decided to hold the awards in November to move them closer to the eligibility period; therefore, the ceremony took place only seven months after the 2nd Academy Awards, making 1930 the only year in which two Academy Awards ceremonies were held. This was the first ceremony to be voted on by the full membership, rather than by the small clique that voted at the previous two ceremonies.[1]

All Quiet on the Western Front became the first film to win both Best Picture and Best Director, which would become common in later years. Lewis Milestone became the first person to win two Oscars, having won Best Director – Comedy at the 1st Academy Awards. The Love Parade received six nominations, the greatest number of any film to that point, but did not win in any category.

Best Sound Recording was introduced this year, making it the first new category since the inception of the Oscars. It was awarded to Douglas Shearer, brother of Best Actress winner Norma Shearer, making them the first sibling winners in Oscar history. Ruth Chatterton's performance in Sarah and Son, directed by Dorothy Arzner, was the first nominee from a female-directed film.

A portion of the awards were filmed for the first time:[2] Universal Pictures co-founder and president Carl Laemmle receiving a special Academy Award for All Quiet on the Western Front, given to him by Louis B. Mayer, vice president of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; Norma Shearer winning Best Actress for The Divorcee, and screenwriter Frances Marion winning Best Writing for The Big House.

Winners and nominees

Carl Laemmle, Best Picture winner
Lewis Milestone, Best Director winner
George Arliss, Best Actor winner
Norma Shearer, Best Actress winner
Herman Rosse, Best Art Direction winner

Nominees were announced on September 19, 1930. Winners are listed first and highlighted in boldface.[3][4]

Multiple nominations and awards

Films with multiple nominations
Nominations Film
6 The Love Parade
4 All Quiet on the Western Front
The Big House
The Divorcee
3 Disraeli
Anna Christie
2 Bulldog Drummond
Films with multiple wins
Wins Film
2 All Quiet on the Western Front
The Big House

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