This is a list of Academy Awards ceremonies.[1][2][3]

This list is current as of the 95th Academy Awards ceremony held on March 12, 2023.



U.S. network Years # of years
NBC 1953–1960 8
ABC 1961–1970 10
NBC 1971–1975 5
ABC 1976–present 47


Beginning with the 7th Academy Awards, held in February 1935, each year's awards are presented for films that were first shown during the full preceding calendar year from January 1 to December 31 in Los Angeles County, California. For the first five ceremonies, the eligibility period spanned twelve months from August 1 to July 31.[4] For the 6th ceremony, held in 1934, the eligibility period lasted from August 1, 1932, to December 31, 1933.[4]

When citing each ceremony, Academy conventions may either list the year(s) of its eligibility period,[5] or the year in which the ceremony was actually held.[6]

# Date Best Picture Number of viewers P2+ HH Rating Host(s) Producer(s) Venue Broadcast
1st May 16, 1929 Wings Douglas Fairbanks The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel none
2nd April 3, 1930 The Broadway Melody William C. deMille Ambassador Hotel KNX-AM[a][7]
3rd November 5, 1930 All Quiet on the Western Front Conrad Nagel KNX-AM[a]
4th November 10, 1931 Cimarron Lawrence Grant Biltmore Hotel KHJ-AM[b]
5th November 18, 1932 Grand Hotel Lionel Barrymore
Conrad Nagel
Ambassador Hotel KECA-AM[c]
6th March 16, 1934 Cavalcade Will Rogers none
7th February 27, 1935 It Happened One Night Irvin S. Cobb Biltmore Hotel
8th March 5, 1936 Mutiny on the Bounty Frank Capra
9th March 4, 1937 The Great Ziegfeld George Jessel
10th March 10, 1938 The Life of Emile Zola Bob Burns
11th February 23, 1939 You Can't Take It With You none KHJ-AM[d]
12th February 29, 1940 Gone with the Wind Bob Hope Ambassador Hotel
(Cocoanut Grove)
13th February 27, 1941 Rebecca Biltmore Hotel
(Biltmore Bowl)
14th February 26, 1942 How Green Was My Valley KNX-AM[f]
15th March 4, 1943 Mrs. Miniver Ambassador Hotel
(Cocoanut Grove)
16th March 2, 1944 Casablanca Jack Benny Grauman's Chinese Theatre KNX-AM[h]
17th March 15, 1945 Going My Way Bob Hope
John Cromwell
ABC Radio[i]
18th March 7, 1946 The Lost Weekend Bob Hope
James Stewart
19th March 13, 1947 The Best Years of Our Lives Jack Benny Shrine Auditorium
20th March 20, 1948 Gentleman's Agreement Agnes Moorehead
Dick Powell
21st March 24, 1949 Hamlet Robert Montgomery The Academy Theater
22nd March 23, 1950 All the King's Men Paul Douglas Pantages Theatre
23rd March 29, 1951 All About Eve Fred Astaire
24th March 20, 1952 An American in Paris Danny Kaye
25th March 19, 1953 The Greatest Show on Earth 40 million Bob Hope
Conrad Nagel
Pantages Theatre /
NBC International Theatre
NBC Radio
26th March 25, 1954 From Here to Eternity 43 million Donald O'Connor
Fredric March
Pantages Theatre /
NBC Century Theatre
27th March 30, 1955 On the Waterfront Bob Hope
Thelma Ritter
28th March 21, 1956 Marty Jerry Lewis
Claudette Colbert
Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Robert Emmett Dolan
29th March 27, 1957 Around the World in 80 Days Jerry Lewis
Celeste Holm
Valentine Davies
30th March 26, 1958 The Bridge on the River Kwai Bob Hope
David Niven
James Stewart
Jack Lemmon
Rosalind Russell
Donald Duck[8]
Jerry Wald Pantages Theatre
31st April 6, 1959 Gigi Bob Hope
David Niven
Tony Randall
Mort Sahl
Laurence Olivier
Jerry Lewis
32nd April 4, 1960 Ben-Hur Bob Hope Arthur Freed
33rd April 17, 1961 The Apartment Santa Monica Civic Auditorium ABC Radio [j]
34th April 9, 1962 West Side Story
35th April 8, 1963 Lawrence of Arabia Frank Sinatra
36th April 13, 1964 Tom Jones Jack Lemmon Richard Dunlap
George Sidney
37th April 5, 1965 My Fair Lady Bob Hope Joe Pasternak
38th April 18, 1966 The Sound of Music
39th April 10, 1967 A Man for All Seasons
40th April 10, 1968 In the Heat of the Night Arthur Freed
41st April 14, 1969 Oliver! none Gower Champion Dorothy Chandler Pavilion ABC
42nd April 7, 1970 Midnight Cowboy 43.40 M. J. Frankovich
43rd April 15, 1971 Patton Robert Wise NBC
44th April 10, 1972 The French Connection Helen Hayes
Alan King
Sammy Davis Jr.
Jack Lemmon
Howard W. Koch
45th March 27, 1973 The Godfather Carol Burnett
Michael Caine
Charlton Heston
Rock Hudson
46th April 2, 1974 The Sting John Huston
Burt Reynolds
David Niven
Diana Ross
Jack Haley Jr.
47th April 8, 1975 The Godfather Part II Sammy Davis Jr.
Bob Hope
Shirley MacLaine
Frank Sinatra
Howard W. Koch
48th March 29, 1976 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Goldie Hawn
Gene Kelly
Walter Matthau
George Segal
Robert Shaw
49th March 28, 1977 Rocky Warren Beatty
Ellen Burstyn
Jane Fonda
Richard Pryor
William Friedkin
50th April 3, 1978 Annie Hall 39.73 million 31.10 Bob Hope Howard W. Koch
51st April 9, 1979 The Deer Hunter Johnny Carson Jack Haley Jr.
52nd April 14, 1980 Kramer vs. Kramer Howard W. Koch
53rd March 31, 1981 Ordinary People Norman Jewison
54th March 29, 1982 Chariots of Fire Howard W. Koch
Melvin Frank
55th April 11, 1983 Gandhi Liza Minnelli
Dudley Moore
Richard Pryor
Walter Matthau
Howard W. Koch
56th April 9, 1984 Terms of Endearment 38.00 Johnny Carson Jack Haley Jr.
57th March 25, 1985 Amadeus Jack Lemmon Gregory Peck
Robert Wise
Larry Gelbart
Gene Allen
58th March 24, 1986 Out of Africa 38.65 million 25.71 Alan Alda
Jane Fonda
Robin Williams
Stanley Donen
59th March 30, 1987 Platoon 39.72 million 25.94 Chevy Chase
Goldie Hawn
Paul Hogan
Samuel Goldwyn Jr.
60th April 11, 1988 The Last Emperor 42.04 million 27.80 Chevy Chase Shrine Auditorium
61st March 29, 1989 Rain Man 42.77 million 28.41 none Allan Carr
62nd March 26, 1990 Driving Miss Daisy 40.22 million 26.42 Billy Crystal Gil Cates Dorothy Chandler Pavilion
63rd March 25, 1991 Dances with Wolves 42.79 million 28.06 Shrine Auditorium
64th March 30, 1992 The Silence of the Lambs 44.41 million 29.80 Dorothy Chandler Pavilion
65th March 29, 1993 Unforgiven 45.74 million 31.20
66th March 21, 1994 Schindler's List 45.08 million 31.10 Whoopi Goldberg
67th March 27, 1995 Forrest Gump 48.28 million 32.50 David Letterman Shrine Auditorium
68th March 25, 1996 Braveheart 44.87 million 30.26 Whoopi Goldberg David Salzman
Quincy Jones
Dorothy Chandler Pavilion
69th March 24, 1997 The English Patient 40.08 million 27.35 Billy Crystal Gil Cates Shrine Auditorium
70th March 23, 1998 Titanic 55.25 million 34.86
71st March 21, 1999 Shakespeare in Love 45.62 million 28.64 Whoopi Goldberg Dorothy Chandler Pavilion
72nd March 26, 2000 American Beauty 46.33 million 29.20 Billy Crystal Richard D. Zanuck
Lili Fini Zanuck
Shrine Auditorium
73rd March 25, 2001 Gladiator 42.94 million 26.22 Steve Martin Gil Cates
74th March 24, 2002 A Beautiful Mind 41.78 million 25.43 Whoopi Goldberg Laura Ziskin Kodak Theatre[k]
75th March 23, 2003 Chicago 33.05 million 20.40 Steve Martin Gil Cates
76th February 29, 2004 The Lord of the Rings:
The Return of the King
43.53 million 26.03 Billy Crystal Joe Roth
77th February 27, 2005 Million Dollar Baby 42.14 million 25.43 Chris Rock Gil Cates
78th March 5, 2006 Crash 38.94 million 23.05 Jon Stewart
79th February 25, 2007 The Departed 40.18 million 23.62 Ellen DeGeneres Laura Ziskin
80th February 24, 2008 No Country for Old Men 32.02 million 18.68 Jon Stewart Gil Cates
81st February 22, 2009 Slumdog Millionaire 36.32 million 20.59 Hugh Jackman Bill Condon
Laurence Mark
82nd March 7, 2010 The Hurt Locker 41.71 million 23.33 Steve Martin
Alec Baldwin
Bill Mechanic
Adam Shankman
83rd February 27, 2011 The King's Speech 37.92 million 21.25 James Franco
Anne Hathaway
Bruce Cohen
Don Mischer
84th February 26, 2012 The Artist 39.34 million 22.58 Billy Crystal Brian Grazer
Don Mischer
Hollywood and Highland Center[k]
85th February 24, 2013 Argo 40.38 million 23.08 Seth MacFarlane Craig Zadan
Neil Meron
Dolby Theatre
86th March 2, 2014 12 Years a Slave 43.63 million 24.60 Ellen DeGeneres
87th February 22, 2015 Birdman 37.30 million 20.65 Neil Patrick Harris
88th February 28, 2016 Spotlight 34.43 million 19.37 Chris Rock David Hill
Reginald Hudlin
89th February 26, 2017 Moonlight 33.00 million 18.39 Jimmy Kimmel Michael De Luca
Jennifer Todd
90th March 4, 2018 The Shape of Water 26.62 million 14.87
91st February 24, 2019 Green Book 29.56 million 16.4 none Donna Gigliotti
Glenn Weiss
92nd February 9, 2020 Parasite 23.64 million 13.59[9] Lynette Howell Taylor
Stephanie Allain
93rd April 25, 2021 Nomadland 10.40 million 5.9 Jesse Collins
Stacey Sher
Steven Soderbergh
Union Station
94th March 27, 2022 CODA 16.62 million 9.0 Regina Hall
Amy Schumer
Wanda Sykes
Will Packer
Shayla Cowan
Dolby Theatre
95th March 12, 2023 Everything Everywhere All at Once 18.70 million 9.9 Jimmy Kimmel Ricky Kirshner
Glenn Weiss
96th March 10, 2024 TBA TBA TBA Raj Kapoor
Katy Mullan

Multiple ceremonies hosted

The following individuals have hosted (or co-hosted) the Academy Awards ceremony on two or more occasions.

Host Number of ceremonies
Bob Hope 19
Billy Crystal 9
Johnny Carson 5
Whoopi Goldberg 4
Jimmy Kimmel
Jack Lemmon
Jerry Lewis 3
Steve Martin
Conrad Nagel
David Niven
Jack Benny 2
Chevy Chase
Sammy Davis Jr.
Ellen DeGeneres
Jane Fonda
Goldie Hawn
Walter Matthau
Richard Pryor
Chris Rock
Frank Sinatra
James Stewart
Jon Stewart

Nominated hosts

The following individuals have hosted (or co-hosted) the Academy Awards ceremony on the same year in which the individual was also a nominee.

Host Ceremony Date Category Film Result
David Niven 31st Academy Awards April 6, 1959 Best Actor Separate Tables Won
Michael Caine 45th Academy Awards March 27, 1973 Best Actor Sleuth Nominated
Walter Matthau 48th Academy Awards March 29, 1976 Best Actor The Sunshine Boys Nominated
Paul Hogan 59th Academy Awards March 30, 1987 Best Original Screenplay Crocodile Dundee Nominated
James Franco 83rd Academy Awards February 27, 2011 Best Actor 127 Hours Nominated
Seth MacFarlane 85th Academy Awards February 24, 2013 Best Original Song Ted Nominated

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