5th Electromagnetic Warfare Squadron
Emblem of the 5th Electromagnetic Warfare Squadron.jpg
Emblem of the 5th Electromagnetic Warfare Squadron
CountryUnited States
Branch United States Space Force
TypeSpace Electromagnetic Warfare
Part ofSpace Delta 3
Garrison/HQPeterson Space Force Base, Colorado
Motto(s)I plea the fifth!
Outstanding Unit ribbon.svg
Lt Col Alexander Courtney
John W. Raymond
Emblem of the 5th Space Surveillance Squadron
5th Space Surveillance Squadron.png

The United States Space Force's 5th Electromagnetic Warfare Squadron (5 EWS) is a space electromagnetic warfare unit located at Peterson Space Force Base, Colorado.


The mission of the 5 SSS was to operate the Low Altitude Space Surveillance (LASS) system and Deep Space Tracking System (DSTS) to gather space intelligence and track space systems in both near- and far-Earth orbits.


The dual LASS/DSTS operation supported USAF space intelligence requirements, while being assisted by the 18th Intelligence Squadron's Det 4 for SIGINT support.[1] This coverage augmented worldwide coverage of space signals activities at similarly equipped sites at Misawa AB, Japan, Osan AB, Republic of Korea and at Griffiss AFB in the United States.[2]

The Deep Space Tracking System uses sensitive, highly accurate 20-foot dish antennas to detect and track S-band radio signals transmitted by radio beacons on most satellites. There were DSTS receivers located at Griffiss AFB, New York; RAF Feltwell, Great Britain; and Misawa AB, Japan.[3]

The 5 SSS was inactivated in 2003, with administration of RAF Feltwell transferred to Detachment 4, 18th Intelligence Squadron.

On 15 April 2022, the 5th Space Control Squadron was redesignated the 5th Electromagnetic Warfare Squadron.[4]

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