Vice Chief of Space Operations
Space Staff Identification Badge
Flag of the Vice Chief of Space Operations
General David D. Thompson
since 2 October 2020
United States Space Force
Space Staff
Member ofSpace Staff
Joint Requirements Oversight Council
Reports toSecretary of the Air Force
Chief of Space Operations
SeatThe Pentagon, Arlington County, Virginia, United States
AppointerThe President
with Senate advice and consent
PrecursorVice Commander, Air Force Space Command / Headquarters United States Space Force
First holderDavid D. Thompson

The vice chief of space operations (VCSO) is an office held by a four-star general in the United States Space Force. The vice chief directly supports the chief of space operations (CSO) by serving as a member of the Joint Requirements Oversight Council (JROC) and also operates with the full authority of the chief of space operations during the CSO’s absence. The VCSO is nominated for appointment by the president and confirmed by the Senate. The VCSO is the second-highest position in the U.S. Space Force, equivalent to other services' vice chief positions.


Gen John W. Raymond (left) promotes Lt Gen David D. Thompson to the rank of general during a ceremony in the Pentagon, 1 October 2020

In February 2020, the Space Force sent a report to the United States Congress on the service's proposed organizational structure, in which it outlines the plan for the position of the vice chief of space operations. The VCSO would be established as a four-star statutory position with duties and responsibilities equivalent to other service vice positions that would grant the VCSO parity with vice positions established in law in the other military services.[1]

On August 6, 2020, Lieutenant General David D. Thompson was nominated for promotion to general and assignment as the first VCSO.[2] The United States Senate confirmed him on September 30, 2020.[3] Thompson was promoted on October 1, 2020, and assumed the position of VCSO the next day, October 2, 2020.[4][5]

List of vice chiefs of space operations

No. Vice Chief of Space Operations Term Chief of Space Operations
Portrait Name Took office Left office Term length
David D. Thompson
David D. Thompson
2 October 2020Incumbent2 years, 316 daysJohn W. Raymond
B. Chance Saltzman


David D. Thompson

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