6th Space Warning Squadron
Emblem of the 6th Space Warning Squadron
Country United States
Branch United States Space Force
RoleMissile warning and space surveillance
Part ofSpace Delta 4
Garrison/HQCape Cod Space Force Station
Motto(s)Ever Aware
Decorations AFOUA
Lt Col Stewart C. Smith
Nina Armagno
Previous Air Force insignia

The 6th Space Warning Squadron is located at Cape Cod Space Force Station, in Sagamore, Massachusetts, United States. It operates the PAVE PAWS radar to watch for missiles launched toward North America. The squadron is assigned to Space Delta 4. The squadron was first organized in October 1979 as the 6th Missile Warning Squadron


The mission of the 6th SWS is to observe United States coasts for incoming sea–launched or intercontinental ballistic missiles using the PAVE PAWS radar system. Also, the 6th is to determine the potential threat of the numbers and destination of incoming missiles; then report continuous information to the North American Aerospace Defense Command, Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station, and NORTHCOM.[1]


The 6th Space Warning Squadron was founded at Cape Cod Missile Early Warning Station in August 1977. It was the first squadron in the country to be equipped with PAVE PAWS.[2]

PAVE PAWS also generates information on the location and velocity of earth-orbiting satellites to NORAD.

The squadron also had a detachment at North Truro Air Force Station from 1977 to 1985, when the station closed and operations at the accompanying radar dome were taken over by the Federal Aviation Administration. The 2165th Communications Squadron was a separate tenant at CCAFS until 1986 when it was merged with the 6th SWS.


Activated on 1 October 1979
Redesignated 6th Space Warning Squadron on 15 May 1992



Awards and decorations

List of commanders

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