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Alpha Squadron
From left to right; Rubbermaid, Indra, Loa, Anole, Kidogo, Network, and Karma
Publication information
PublisherMarvel Comics
First appearanceNew X-Men: Academy X #13
Created byNunzio DeFilippis
Christina Weir
Keron Grant
Randy Green
In-story information
Base(s)Xavier Institute for Higher Learning

Alpha Squadron is a fictional team of mutants appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The characters were featured in the comic book series New X-Men: Academy X, in the Marvel Universe. They are students of the Xavier Institute and are instructed by members of the X-Men. The squad’s colors are red, grey and black.

After M-Day, all individual teams of the Xavier Institute disbanded and have been formed into one group.


Alpha Squadron was advised by former Alpha Flight member, Northstar. Thus the name Alpha Squadron. When Northstar was seemingly killed by Wolverine, the squad was assigned a new advisor, Karma.


The members of the Alpha Squadron were:


After House of M, Wanda Maximoff depowered 90% of the mutant population. The Xavier Institute was affected a great deal, losing many of the students and some X-Men. Alpha Squadron was also affected. Rubbermaid, Network and Kidogo lost their powers while Anole, Indra and Loa kept theirs. Karma also kept hers. Rubbermaid and Network unfortunately died in the bus attack from William Stryker. Kidogo's status and whereabouts are unknown.

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