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Emma Frost with the remaining Xavier Institute student body post-M-Day. Art by Mark Brooks.

The Xavier Institute is a fictional school in the X-Men universe. This list documents the fictional staff, students and alumni of the institute.

Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters

Former Staff Members

Former Student Body

Original X-Men

First group of students trained and graduated by Professor X.

Subsequent Students of Professor X

Original New Mutants

Second group of students trained by Professor X and later Magneto in his absence.

Subsequent New Mutants

Special Class

These students included those with special educational needs that required some remedial study. Mentored by Xorn.

Omega Gang


Mentored by Rogue.

Alpha Squadron

Mentored by Northstar. After his death, Karma was assigned as new mentor.


Mentored by Gambit.


Mentored by Cyclops.



Mentored by White Queen.


Mentored by Shadowcat.


Originally mentored by Wolfsbane; she left after it was revealed that she had been romantically involved with a student. Karma became temporary mentor before being replaced by Magma.

New Mutants Training Squad

Mentored by Mirage.

Storm's squad

Lower School

Other students and wards of the Xavier Institute

The following students have been clearly depicted as attending the Xavier Institute since it re-opened but their squad affiliation has not been revealed. Some of these students may be a part of the Lower School or members of squads that have not been fully revealed, such as Beast's Exemplars or Iceman's Excelsiors.

Massachusetts Academy

Former Staff Members

Former Student Body

Generation X


Jean Grey School for Higher Learning

Former Staff Members

Former Student Body

Founding students

Later enrolled

New Charles Xavier School for Mutants

Former Staff Members

Former Student Body

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