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Members of the various X-Men teams
Members of the various X-Men teams

The X-Men are a team of mutant superheroes, published in American comic books by Marvel Comics. Over the decades, the X-Men have featured a rotating line up composed of many characters.



Original members

Original members
Character Real name Joined in
Professor X Charles Francis Xavier The X-Men #1[1]
Cyclops / Captain Krakoa Scott Summers The X-Men #43 (1968, flashback story)[2]
Iceman Robert Louis Drake The X-Men #46 (1968, flashback story)[1]
Beast Henry Philip McCoy The X-Men #53 (1969, flashback story)[1]
Angel / Archangel Warren Kenneth Worthington III The X-Men #56 (1969, flashback story)[1]
Marvel Girl / Phoenix Jean Elaine Grey The X-Men #1 (1963)[1]

20th century recruits

1960s recruits
Character Real name Joined in
Mimic Calvin Montgomery Rankin The X-Men #27 (1966)[1]
Changeling Kevin Sydney The X-Men #40 (1968, as Professor X)[1]
Polaris Lorna Sally Dane The X-Men #60 (1969)[1]
Havok Alexander Summers The X-Men #65 (1970)[1]
1970s recruits
Character Real name Joined in
Petra X-Men: Deadly Genesis #4 (2006, retcon)[1]
Sway Suzanne Chan
Darwin Armando Muñoz
Vulcan Gabriel Summers
Nightcrawler Kurt Wagner Giant-Size X-Men #1 (1975)[1]
Wolverine James "Logan" Howlett Giant-Size X-Men #1 (1975)
Old Man Logan: Extraordinary X-Men #1 (2015)[3]
Banshee Sean Cassidy Giant-Size X-Men #1 (1975)[1]
Storm Ororo Munroe
Sunfire Shiro Yoshida
Colossus Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin
Thunderbird John Proudstar
1980s recruits
Character Real name Joined in
Sprite / Ariel / Shadowcat Katherine Anne “Kitty” Pryde X-Men #138 (1980)[1]
Lockheed Uncanny X-Men #168 (1983)[1]
Rogue Anna Marie LeBeau Uncanny X-Men #171 (1983)[1]
Phoenix / Marvel Girl / Prestige Rachel Anne Grey-Summers Uncanny X-Men #193 (1985)[1]
Magneto Max "Erik Magnus" Eisenhardt Uncanny X-Men #200 (1985)[1]
Longshot Uncanny X-Men Annual #10 (1987)[1]
Psylocke Elizabeth Braddock Uncanny X-Men #213 (1987)[1]
Dazzler Alison Blaire Uncanny X-Men #214 (1987)[1]
Forge / Maker Uncanny X-Men #255 (1989)
1990s recruits
Character Real name Joined in
Gambit Remy Etienne LeBeau Uncanny X-Men Annual #14 (1990)[1]
Jubilee Jubilation Lee Uncanny X-Men #258 (1990)[1]
Bishop Lucas Bishop Uncanny X-Men #287 (1992)[1]
Revanche Kwannon X-Men, vol. 2 #21 (1993)[1]
Cannonball Samuel Zachary Guthrie X-Force #44 (1995)[1]
Joseph Uncanny X-Men #338 (1996)[1]
Cecilia Reyes X-Men, vol. 2 #70 (1997)[1]
Marrow Sarah "Rushman"
Maggott Japheth

21st century recruits

2000s recruits
Character Real name Joined in
Thunderbird Neal Shaara X-Men Unlimited #27 (2000)[1]
Cable Nathan Christopher Charles Summers Uncanny X-Men #381 (2000)
Mirage / Moonstar Danielle Moonstar X-Men, vol. 2 #102 (2000)[1]
Sage Tessa X-Men, vol. 2 #109 (2000)[1]
White Queen Emma Grace Frost New X-Men #116 (2001)[1]
Xorn Kuan-Yin Xorn New X-Men Annual (2001)[1]
Chamber Jonothon Evan Starsmore Uncanny X-Men #398 (2001)[1]
Stacy X Miranda Leevald Uncanny X-Men #400 (2001)[1]
Lifeguard Heather Cameron X-Treme X-Men #10 (2002)[1]
Slipstream Davis Cameron
Northstar Jean-Paul Beaubier Uncanny X-Men #414 (2002)
Husk Paige Elizabeth Guthrie Uncanny X-Men #423 (2003)[1]
Juggernaut Cain Marko Uncanny X-Men #425 (2003)[1]
Xorn / Zorn Shen Xorn X-Men, vol. 2 #162 (2004)[1]
Mystique Raven Darkhölme X-Men, vol. 2 #181 (2006)
Warpath James Jonathan Proudstar Uncanny X-Men #475 (2006)[1]
Lady Mastermind Regan Wyngarde X-Men, vol. 2 #192 (2006)[1]
Sabretooth Victor Creed
Omega Sentinel Karima Shapandar
Armor Hisako Ichiki Astonishing X-Men, vol. 3 #20 (2007)[1]
Hepzibah Uncanny X-Men #487 (2007)[1]
Pixie Megan Gwynn X-Men Free Comic Book Day (2008)[1]
Karma Xi'an Coy Manh Uncanny X-Men #501 (2008)[1]
Sunspot Roberto Da Costa Secret Invasion: X-Men #1 (2008)[1]
Aurora Jeanne-Marie Beaubier Secret Invasion: X-Men #2 (2008)[1]
Magma Amara Juliana Olivians Aquilla Secret Invasion: X-Men #4 (2009)[1]
Doctor Nemesis James Nicola Bradley Uncanny X-Men #504 (2009)[1]
Box Madison Jeffries Uncanny X-Men #505 (2009)[1]
Magik Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina New Mutants, vol. 3 #1 (2009)[1]
Sub-Mariner Namor McKenzie Uncanny X-Men #513 (2009)[1]
Domino Neena Thurman Uncanny X-Men #514 (2009)[1]
Cloak Tyrone Johnson Dark Avengers #8 (2009)[1]
Dagger Tandy Bowen
Boom-Boom Tabitha Smith
Ariel X-Men: Legacy #226 (2009)[1]
Danger Uncanny X-Men #515 (2009)
2010s recruits
Character Real name Joined in
Cypher Douglas Aaron Ramsey New Mutants, vol. 3 #9 (2010)
X-23 / Wolverine Laura Kinney X-Men: Second Coming #1 (2010)[1]
Hope Hope Summers (birth surname Spalding) X-Men: Legacy #237 (2010)[1]
Frenzy Joanna Cargill X-Men: Legacy #250 (2011)[1]
Legion David Charles Haller
X-Man Nate Grey New Mutants, vol. 3 #33 (2011)
Warbird Ava'Dara Naganandini Astonishing X-Men, vol. 3 #48 (2012)[1]
Blink Clarice Ferguson New Mutants, vol. 3 #45 (2012)
Firestar Angelica Jones Amazing X-Men, vol. 2 #1 (2013)[1]
M / Penance Monet Yvette Clarisse Maria Therese St. Croix X-Men, vol. 4 #7 (2013)[1]
Cerebra Extraordinary X-Men #1 (2015)[4]
Ink Eric Gitter X-Men Gold #17 (2017)
Honey Badger / Scout Gabrielle Kinney X-Men Red #1 (2018)[5]
Trinary Shilpa Khatri X-Men Red #2 (2018)[6]
Pyro Simon Lasker X-Men Gold #23 (2018)[7]
Gentle Nezhno Abidemi X-Men Red #4 (2018)[8]
Wolfsbane Rahne Sinclair Uncanny X-Men, vol. 5 #13 (2019)[9]
Multiple Man James Arthur Madrox
2020s recruits
Character Real name Joined in
Synch Everett Thomas X-Men, vol. 5 #21 (2021)[10]

Other status

Character Real name Joined in Notes
Phoenix Force X-Men #101 (1976)[1] A cosmic entity who impersonated Jean Grey.
Dark Beast Henry Philip McCoy X-Men Unlimited #10 (1996) Infiltrated the X-Men, replacing Beast of Earth 616.
Unidentified skrull Uncanny X-Men #370 (1999) Infiltrator as Wolverine.
ForgetMeNot Sometime prior to X-Men: Legacy #300 (2014)[11] Forgotten by the X-Men due to his powers.
Lucid Maya Jackson Extraordinary X-Men #17 (2017)[12] Honorary member.

Substitute teams

New Mutants graduate X-Men

In 1986, the New Mutants briefly graduated to become the X-Men in Uncanny X-Men Annual #10.[13]

Character Real name
Cannonball Samuel Guthrie
Mirage Danielle Moonstar
Karma Xi'an Coy Manh
Magma Amara Aquilla
Sunspot Roberto Da Costa
Magik Illyana Rasputin
Cypher Douglas Ramsey
Wolfsbane Rahne Sinclair

Muir Island X-Men

In 1989, in the wake of the X-Men's "death" during "The Fall of the Mutants", Banshee assembled a team of X-Men on Muir Island in Uncanny X-Men #254 to #255.[1]

Character Real name
Banshee Sean Cassidy
Moira MacTaggert
Polaris Lorna Dane
Amanda Sefton Jimaine Szardos
Sunder Mark Hallett
Legion David Haller
Sharon Friedlander
Tom Corsi Thomas Corsi
Alysande Stuart
Multiple Man Jamie Madrox
Siryn Theresa Rourke Cassidy

Phalanx invasion X-Men

In 1994, to oppose the threat of the techno-organic alien Phalanx, a team of X-Men was quickly banded together in Uncanny X-Men #316.

Character Real name
Banshee Sean Cassidy
Jubilee Jubilation Lee
Sabretooth Victor Creed
White Queen Emma Frost

Mannite rescue X-Men

In 1999, after Professor X disbanded the X-Men in an attempt to expose a Skrull impostor in their ranks, Cyclops and Jean Grey formed a team to help the Mannites in Astonishing X-Men, vol. 2 #1.

Character Real name
Cyclops Scott Summers
Phoenix Jean Grey-Summers
Archangel Warren K. Worthington III
Cable Nathan Christopher Summers
X-Man Nate Grey
Unidentified Skrull

Genoshan assault X-Men

In 2001, Jean Grey recruited a team in Uncanny X-Men #392 in order to rescue Professor X from Magneto.[1]

Character Real name
Phoenix Jean Grey-Summers
Dazzler Alison Blaire
Northstar Jean-Paul Beaubier
Omertà Paul Provenzano
Wraith Hector Rendoza
Sunpyre Leyu Yoshida
Frenzy Joanna Cargill

Street team X-Men

In 2004, a team was formed by Cyclops in the wake of Xorn's rampage through Manhattan, New York in New X-Men #149 and #150.[1]

Character Real name
Cyclops Scott Summers
Fantomex Charlie-Cluster 7
Beak Barnell Bohusk
Dust Sooraya Qadir
Stepford Cuckoos Celeste Cuckoo
Mindee Cuckoo
Phoebe Cuckoo
Longneck William Hanover
Forearm Marcus Tucker
Choir Irina Clayton

X-Men in training

Mutants to be trained as a junior team of X-Men.

Character Real name Joined in
Dust Sooraya Qadir New X-Men, vol. 2 #23 (2006)
Elixir Joshua Foley
Hellion Julian Keller
Mercury Cessily Kincaid
Rockslide Santo Vaccarro
Surge Noriko Ashida
X-23 Laura Kinney
Anole Victor Borkowski New X-Men, vol. 2 #37 (2007)
Pixie Megan Gywnn
Gentle Nezhno Abidemi New X-Men vol. 2 (2007)
Prodigy David Alleyne
Blindfold Ruth Aldine Young X-Men #1 (2008)
Wolf Cub Nicholas Gleason
Ink Eric Gitter
Graymalkin Jonas Graymalkin Young X-Men #5 (2008)
Cipher Alisa Tager Young X-Men #8 (2008)
Trance Hope Abbott X-Men: Legacy #227 (2009)
Indra Paras Gavaskar X-Men: Legacy #231 (2009)
Loa Alani Ryan
Bling! Roxanne Washington
Onyxx Sydney Green
Match Ben Hammil
Stepford Cuckoos Celeste Cuckoo
Phoebe Cuckoo
Mindi Cuckoo
Hope Summers Uncanny X-Men #526 (2010)
Transonic Laurie Tromette
Velocidad Gabriel Cuohuelo Uncanny X-Men #527 (2010)
Oya Idie Okonkwo Uncanny X-Men #528 (2010)
Primal Teon Macik Uncanny X-Men #529 (2010)
Zero Kenji Uedo Generation Hope #4 (2011)
No-Girl Martha Johansson Generation Hope #13 (2011)
Sebastian Shaw Generation Hope #15 (2012)
Glob Herman Robert Herman Extraordinary X-Men #3 (2016)


In 2008, the X-Men's strike team was formed by Cyclops in Uncanny X-Men #493, with Wolverine serving as the field leader. The team took on missions which required responses too violent or controversial for the X-Men to deal with directly. When Cyclops disbanded the team, Wolverine assembled a new team.

Original members
Character Real name
Cyclops Scott Summers
Wolverine James "Logan" Howlett
Warpath James Proudstar
Wolfsbane Rahne Sinclair
X-23 Laura Kinney
Character Real name Active in
Archangel Warren Kenneth Worthington III X-Force, vol. 3 #2 (2008)
Elixir Joshua Foley X-Force, vol. 3 #4 (2008)
Domino Neena Thurman X-Force, vol. 3 #8 (2008)
Vanisher Telford Porter X-Force, vol. 3 #9 (2008)
Cable Nathan Christopher Charles Summers X-Force, vol. 3 #27 (2010)
Cypher Douglas Aaron Ramsey
Psylocke Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock X-Men: Second Coming #2 (2010)
Fantomex Charlie-Cluster 7 (Jean-Phillipe Charles)
Deadpool Wade Wilson
Deathlok Prime Uncanny X-Force #7 (2011)
Nightcrawler Kurt Darkholme (Age of Apocalypse) Uncanny X-Force #19 (2012)
Storm Ororo Monroe Uncanny X-Force, vol. 2 #1 (2013)[14]
Puck Eugene Milton Judd Uncanny X-Force, vol. 2 #13 (2013)
Bishop Lucas Bishop
Spiral Rita Wayword


In 2009, Beast gathered a team in Uncanny X-Men #504 to attempt to deal with the mutant birth crisis, and reverse the effects of M-Day. The team lasted until 2012.

Original members
Character Real name
Beast Henry McCoy
Angel Warren Worthington III
Doctor Nemesis James Bradley
Character Real name Joined in
Box Madison Jeffries Uncanny X-Men #505 (2009)
Yuriko Takiguchi Uncanny X-Men #507 (2009)
Kavita Rao Uncanny X-Men #508 (2009)
Psylocke Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock Uncanny X-Men #512 (2009)
Danger Uncanny X-Men, vol. 2 #1 (2011)

Time-displaced X-Men

Headlined All-New X-Men from 2012 to 2017 and X-Men Blue from 2017 to 2018.[1][15]

Original members
Character Real name
Cyclops Scott Summers
Iceman Robert Louis "Bobby" Drake
Beast Henry Philip "Hank" McCoy
Marvel Girl / Phoenix Jean Grey
Angel / Archangel Warren Kenneth Worthington III
Character Real name Joined in
Shadowcat Kitty Pryde X-Men: Battle of the Atom #2 (2013)
X-23 / Wolverine Laura Kinney All-New X-Men #20 (2013)[16]
Oya Idie Okonkwo All-New X-Men vol. 2 #1 (2016)[17]
Genesis Evan Sabahnur
Magneto Max "Erik Magnus" Eisenhardt X-Men Blue #1 (2017)[18]
Poison James Hudson, Jr. X-Men Blue #6 (2017)[19]
Bloodstorm Ororo Munroe X-Men Blue #12 (2017)[20]
Polaris Lorna Dane X-Men Blue #25 (2018)[21]
Xorn Shen Xorn
Daken Akihiro
Gazing Nightshade

London X-Men

In 2017, a team was formed to help Charles Xavier against the Shadow King in Astonishing X-Men, vol. 4.[22]

Character Real name
X Charles Xavier
Archangel Warren K. Worthington III
Psylocke Elizabeth Braddock
Bishop Lucas Bishop
Old Man Logan James Howlett
Fantomex Charlie-Cluster 7
Rogue Anna Marie
Gambit Remy Lebeau
Mystique Raven Darkhölme

Secret X-Men

A team formed in Secret X-Men #1 (2022), tasked with saving the daughter of Charles Xavier and Lilandra.[23]

Character Real name
Sunspot Roberto da Costa
Cannonball Samuel Zachary Guthrie
Banshee Sean Cassidy
Strong Guy Guido Carosella
Boom-Boom Tabitha Smith
Armor Hisako Ichiki
Marrow Sarah "Rushman"
Tempo Heather Tucker


The teams who have used the name of the X-Men without the permission of the official X-Men. They were either opposed to the X-Men altogether, or used the name to promote themselves to the public.

Cerebro's X-Men

Main article: Cerebro's X-Men

Nanotechnology imposter team formed in 1998 by a sentient Cerebro posing as Professor X.[24]

Character Real name
The Grey King Addison Falk
Rapture Sister Joy
Landslide Lee Broder
Xaos Daniel Dash
Crux Cristal Lemieux

Great Lakes X-Men

In 2005, served a cease and desist for his team's use of the Avengers name, Mr. Immortal reorganized the Great Lakes Avengers into a team of unofficial X-Men in G.L.A. #4. They have since changed their name to first Great Lakes Champions and then Great Lakes Initiative.[25]

Character Real name
Mr. Immortal Craig Hollis
Flatman Val Ventura
Doorman DeMarr Davis
Big Bertha Ashley Crawford
Squirrel Girl Doreen Green
Tippy-Toe Tippy-Toe

Norman Osborn's X-Men

Main article: Dark X-Men

In 2009, a team of X-Men assembled by Norman Osborn during the "Utopia" storyline as part of the overarching "Dark Reign" event.[26]

Character Real name
Mystique Unrevealed (alias: Raven Darkhölme)
Black Queen Emma Frost
Sub-Mariner Namor McKenzie
Wolverine Daken Akihiro
Mimic Calvin Montgomery Rankin
Omega Michael Pointer
Cloak Tyrone Johnson
Dagger Tandy Bowen
Dark Beast (Earth-295) Henry Philip McCoy

X-Men Green

A rogue team formed in 2021 to combat environmental destruction.[27]

Character Real name
Cypher Douglas Aaron Ramsey
Nature Girl Lin Li
Sauron Dr. Karl Lykos

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