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BMX race bike with carbon fiber frame and fork

A BMX bike is a road sport bicycle used for racing or stunt riding. BMX means bicycle motocross.


Though originally denoting a bicycle intended for BMX racing, the term "BMX bike" is now used as a generic term to encompass race bikes ('class' and 'cruiser') and those used for freestyle disciplines (street, vert, park, flatland), and dedicated dirt jumper bicycles. Frames are made of various types of steel, aluminum, or carbon fiber. Cheaper, low-end bikes are usually made of steel. Higher range freestyle bikes are mostly chromoly, such as lightweight 4130 chromoly, or generation 3 chromoly.[1] BMX race bikes extensively use aluminum or carbon fiber. BMX bikes are smaller in size as compared to other bikes. These bikes come with thick and fat tires to absorb shocks and for better jumping. Generally, rear brakes are available only in racing BMX.[2]


BMX bicycles are available in these models types:[1]

Notable BMX bike manufacturers

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Current and former makers of BMX bikes include:

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