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Battle of Pirot
Part of the Second Balkan War
Date6–8 July 1913
Near Pirot, Serbia
Result Serbian victory
 Kingdom of Bulgaria  Kingdom of Serbia

The Battle of Pirot were engagements between the Bulgarian and Serbian armies in the surroundings of Pirot near the Serbian–Bulgarian border between 6 and 8 July 1913.

On the front between the Bulgarian 3rd Army (Slivnica-Trn-Caribrod) and Serbian 2nd Army (Sofia-Pirot-Niš), the main fighting took place outside Pirot on 6 and 7 July.[1] A commander of the Serbian 2nd Army, general Stepa Stepanović suggested on 8 July that Pirot was to be evacuated.[2] However, when the Romanian advance threatened the Bulgarian 1st Army on the evening the same day, the Bulgarian command ordered for withdrawal.[2] Due to the Serbian victory at Bregalnica, the Bulgarians were forced to give up aspirations in southeastern Serbia.[3]


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