Breeze TV
Country New Zealand
Broadcast area New Zealand
Picture format1080p 16:9 (HDTV)
OwnerMediaWorks New Zealand
Sister channels
Launched16 April 2020
ReplacedThreeLife + 1
ClosedDecember 2022

Breeze TV was a New Zealand music streaming channel that was launched by The Breeze radio station on 16 April 2020 as a replacement for MediaWorks New Zealand's former ThreeLife + 1 on channel 14. Breeze TV was launched alongside sister channel The Edge TV, which replaced ThreeLife on channel 11.[1] On 1 December 2020, Discovery, Inc. acquired Breeze TV as part of its acquisition of MediaWorks' television operations.[2][3] On 21 March 2022, Breeze TV became an exclusively online streaming channel, alongside sister channel The Edge TV.[4] In December 2022, Breeze TV and The Edge TV ceased broadcasting.

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