National Highway 318
Route information
Part of AH42
Length5,476 km (3,403 mi)
Major junctions
FromPeople's Square, Shanghai
ToSino-Nepal Friendship Bridge, Zhangmu
Araniko Highway
Highway system
China National Highways
G317 G319

China National Highway 318 (G318) runs from Shanghai to Zhangmu on the China-Nepal border. It is the longest China National Highway at 5,476 kilometres (3,403 mi) in length and runs west from Shanghai towards Zhejiang, Anhui, Hubei, Chongqing, Sichuan, and ends in Tibet Autonomous Region. From Lhasa to Zhangmu it is also called Friendship Highway. At the Sino-Nepal Friendship Bridge, it connects with the 115 km long Araniko Highway to Kathmandu.

China National Highway 318 between Doilungdeqen and Qüxü County
China National Highway 318 between Doilungdeqen and Qüxü County
Road construction facility on National Highway 318
Road construction facility on National Highway 318

Route and distance

Route and distance
City Distance (km)
Huangpu, Shanghai 0
Qingpu, Shanghai 38
Huzhou, Zhejiang 158
Changxing, Zhejiang 185
Guangde, Anhui 240
Xuanzhou, Anhui 308
Nanling, Anhui 356
Qingyang, Anhui 423
Guichi, Anhui 466
Anqing, Anhui 534
Huaining, Anhui 571
Yuexi, Anhui 651
Yingshan, Hubei 761
Luotian, Hubei 801
Xinzhou, Hubei 874
Huangpi, Hubei 926
Wuhan, Hubei 979
Xiantao, Hubei 1090
Qianjiang, Hubei 1146
Jingzhou, Hubei 1218
Zhijiang, Hubei 1265
Xiaoting, Hubei 1306
Yichang, Hubei 1330
Lichuan, Hubei 1721
Wanzhou, Chongqing 1871
Liangping, Chongqing 1953
Dazhu, Sichuan 2051
Qu County, Sichuan 2095
Nanchong, Sichuan 2198
Pengxi, Sichuan 2251
Suining, Sichuan 2369
Chengdu, Sichuan 2526
Shuangliu, Sichuan 2540
Xinjin, Sichuan 2562
Qionglai, Sichuan 2599
Mingshan, Sichuan 2654
Ya'an, Sichuan 2674
Tianquan, Sichuan 2711
Jabsamka, Sichuan 2837
Kangding, Sichuan 2886
Nyagchukha, Sichuan 3037
Litang, Sichuan 3174
Batang, Sichuan 3345
Markam, Tibet Autonomous Region 3450
Zogang, Tibet Autonomous Region 3608
Baxoi, Tibet Autonomous Region 3809
Bomê County, Tibet Autonomous Region 4026
Nyingchi, Tibet Autonomous Region 4240
Gongbo'gyamda, Tibet Autonomous Region 4386
Masizhokunggar, Tibet Autonomous Region 4592
Dagze, Tibet Autonomous Region 4639
Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region 4670
Doilungdeqen, Tibet Autonomous Region 4682
Qüxü County, Tibet Autonomous Region 4731
Nyemo, Tibet Autonomous Region 4807
Xigazê, Tibet Autonomous Region 4966
Lhatse, Tibet Autonomous Region 5123
Tingri, Tibet Autonomous Region 5214
Nyalam, Tibet Autonomous Region 5431
Zhangmu, Tibet Autonomous Region 5476

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