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A road is a linear way for the conveyance of traffic that mostly has an improved surface for use by vehicles (motorized and non-motorized) and pedestrians. Unlike streets, the main function of roads is transportation.

There are many types of roads, including parkways, avenues, controlled-access highways (freeways, motorways, and expressways), tollways, interstates, highways, thoroughfares, and local roads.

The primary features of roads include lanes, sidewalks (pavement), roadways (carriageways), medians, shoulders, verges, bike paths (cycle paths), and shared-use paths. (Full article...)

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5Great Eastern Highway at The Lakes (a rural locality east of Perth), heading east
Great Eastern Highway, Western Australia is a major road linking Perth with Kalgoorlie. It is a key route for vehicles accessing eastern wheatbelt and the eastern goldfields. It also forms the westernmost 595 kilometres (370 mi) of the main road transportation link between Perth and the east coast of Australia.

The road is mostly a federally funded national highway due to its national strategic importance. It is signed as National Highway 94 except for a 9 km stretch between the Great Eastern Highway Bypass and Roe Highway, and the 40 km section between Coolgardie and Kalgoorlie. It is also signed as Highway 1 between The Causeway and Morrison Road, and State Route 51 between Johnson Street, Guildford, and Roe Highway.

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Deerfoot Trail in the wintertime at the interchange with Peigan Trail in Calgary, Alberta, looking north
Credit: (Qyd)

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... that Pinkie Road, a part of the Global Transportation Hub intermodal port authority facility, will link the Trans Canada Highway 1 and Highway 11 as a part of the Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative?
... that labourers paving Saskatchewan Highway 641 in 1942 earned 35 cents an hour and a labourer with a tractor-drawn drag earned 50 cents an hour?

... that the King road drag, a road grader widely used across North America for grading dirt roads in the early 20th century, was invented by D. Ward King?


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