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A road is a thoroughfare for the conveyance of traffic that mostly has an improved surface for use by vehicles (motorized and non-motorized) and pedestrians. Unlike streets, whose primary function is to serve as public spaces, the main function of roads is transportation.

There are many types of roads, including parkways, avenues, controlled-access highways (freeways, motorways, and expressways), tollways, interstates, highways, thoroughfares, and local roads.

The primary features of roads include lanes, sidewalks (pavement), roadways (carriageways), medians, shoulders, verges, bike paths (cycle paths), and shared-use paths. (Full article...)

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Highway 401 as an 18 lane highway in Toronto.
The King's Highway 401 (also known as the Macdonald-Cartier Freeway) is a highway that extends across Southern Ontario, Canada. It is the longest 400-Series Highway in Ontario, and one of the widest and busiest highways in the world. In fact, the highway has the distinction of being North America's busiest freeway. Together with Quebec Autoroute 20, it is the road transportation backbone of the Quebec City-Windsor Corridor, along which over half of Canada's population resides. Colloquially, the road is known simply as the 401, spoken as "four-oh-one."

On August 24, 2007, the stretch of highway between Toronto (from Highway 404/Don Valley Parkway) and Trenton (from Glen Miller Road) was given the additional name Highway of Heroes, in honour of Canadian Forces personnel killed during the War in Afghanistan. Along the route are several heritage sites, an international bird watching area, saline lakes, as well as regional and provincial parks. Museums and historical markers commemorate the region's history along the highway.

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The Cross-Harbour Tunnel is the first tunnel in Hong Kong built underwater beneath the Victoria Harbour.
Credit: (WiNG)

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...that most of Petroleum Road, a privately owned asphalt road in the Golan Heights, is marked on maps as inaccessible to traffic because of poor road quality?
...that Manitoba Provincial Road 373 became famous after a band from Norway House won an award for an album named after the highway?

...that Horseferry Road takes its name from a horse-ferry from The Embankment to Lambeth Stairs, once one of the most important Thames crossings in London, and which was owned by the Archbishop of Canterbury?


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Panorama between Sax and Frümsen in the municipality of Sennwald in the Rhine Valley[disambiguation needed], looking from Kreuzberg (on the left), to the Appenzell Alps, Saxer Gap, the Stauberen, and Hoher Kasten on the right.
Credit: (Böhringer friedrich)


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